Throughout the years, the Teenager Mother franchise has shown us almost every sort of inefficient relationship possible.

And while there might be even worse couples in the record of the show’s history (we’re looking at you, Jenelle Evans and David Eason!) it’s possible that no set of Teenager Mother exes dislikes one another as extremely as Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout.

The moms and dads of 12- year-old Bentley have gone through lots of ups and downs throughout the years, however it seems they’re now at their floor to date.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot, Take 3

These days, Ryan’s not even permitted to see Bentley.

The decision to strip Edwards of visitation rights plainly pains Maci practically as much as it does Ryan, however Bookout clearly felt that she was entrusted to no alternatives.

She’s encouraged Bentley’s dad to work his way back into the boy’s life providing a handle which Ryan might go to treatment with his kid and thus regain visitation rights.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

However it seems that Ryan has no interest because deal.

This all comes on the heels of numerous years in which Ryan’s drug dependency and problems with the law put his family– and his child in particular– through a living hell.

Teenager Mommy fans who may have been inclined to offer Edwards the benefit of the doubt quickly after he got tidy are now happening to the realization that his addiction was just one of numerous issues.

Ryan's Back

And now, they have actually started digging into his past to find new reasons to do not like the 33- year-old daddy of 3.

Not surprisingly, they didn’t have to dig really far.

In reality, among the grossest truths of Ryan’s sordid life has actually been concealing in plain sight all this time:

Ryan Edwards and Family: A Photo

Maci conceived with Bentley when she was simply 16 years old.

Ryan– the man who fertilized her– was 20 at the time of conception.

This should have been apparent, as Ryan is four years older than Maci, however it’s the sort of thing that lots of Teen Mommy fans just didn’t think about … until now, that is.

Maci at Her Computer

The age distinction was never dealt with on the show, but fans are now requiring to Reddit to go over the really unusual– and potentially criminal scenario– and address the fact that MTV would probably not shine a lovely spotlight on such a relationship in 2021.

” Thanks for offering me another reason to find Ryan gross,” one redditor composed.

” I dislike this so much. I’m from the same location as them, and it’s sadly ‘normalized’ for older boys to date younger ladies like they did, especially in the early 2000 s,” another included.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom Photo

” I had no concept? This makes me believe even worse about this jerk off,” a third chimed in.

Even though doing so most likely landed us on a federal government watchlist, we looked it up, and it turns out the age of approval in Tennessee is a nauseating 13.

What in the real f– k, Tennessee?

Ryan Edwards Is Mad

Anyway, that suggests that what Ryan did wasn’t unlawful, but it was still very, extremely troubling.

We do not care what the law says– a 20- year-old talking to a 16- year-old is 4 million kinds of incorrect, and if, for some reason, you required another reason to dislike Ryan, you definitely have one now.

Folks, he’s just nasty.


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