The path of a K-pop idol is hard, discover one of the stories that have actually marked Rosé’s life and profession.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé went through an extremely challenging episode in order to satisfy her dreams, find what was the saddest minute of her career.

The YG K-pop group is a couple of weeks away from presenting their online show, they are also preparing the solos of Rosé and Lisa, in addition to the drama “Snopwdrop” starring Jisoo, although today they enjoy fantastic fame, the women had to make sacrifices to be idols.

The story of a K-pop idol is never ever simple, there have constantly been unfortunate episodes that become part of their career, however that helped them to strengthen and face their fears, criticism and themselves, so today they are an example for their fans. Rosé is no exception and shared with BLINK and her companionsthe saddest minute he ever lived.

Being a student implies establishing your abilities, waiting on a chance to debut, because passing the auditions does not guarantee that you will be in the strategies of the new group that they will launch, they can happen from months to years, however when you are an immigrant, things are harder, no just because of the language, however because you leave your life behind.


During one of BLACKPINK’s truth shows, the ladies remembered their days as a trainee and Rosé could not assist but be moved by the memories from earlier. They are all really young, however when they were hired they were even more youthful.

The idol has actually been extremely near her family, the local of New Zealand and raised in Australia, took a trip to South Korea to meet her dream as a singer, she has constantly been attached to her household, so it was tough to say goodbye.

Rosé es una chica muy fuerte, fue a Corea para cumplir su sueño, dejo atrás a su familia para ser la modelo a seguir de muchas personas, a pesar de la fama que está teniendo sigue siendo noble, amable, y linda, Rosé sigue siendo la misma y Blink la defenderá de todo #OurLoveROSE

— Maga, en intento de hiatus ♡ (@JIS00 FAIRY) October 21, 2020

Although she understood about the sacrifices, truth hit her tough when her parents had to leave her in the students’ bed room, she could not believe that she was not going to be with them, she was amazed when they told her that they needed to go house.

The idol describes that it was really hard because she was very young at the time and never considered parting with them, the anecdote made her cry again, however her classmates comforted her and told her that now everything was great.

In spite of the challenging times, Rosé has turned into one of the most famous idols in the industry and is now all set to make her solo debut.


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