Rob Kardashian is not exactly known for his maturity and emotional intelligence.

But it seems that for once, Rob made a smart decision that might serve to eliminate drama from his life and create a more stable environment for his five-year-old daughter.

Back in 2018, Rob filed a lawsuit against Blac Chyna alleging that Dream’s mother assaulted him while the two of them were guests in Kylie Jenner’s home in December of 2016.

Claiming that he had suffered significant emotional distress and a major neck injury, Rob sued his ex for $700,000.


Now, just days before the trial was set to begin, Rob has abruptly dropped the suit.

In a statement to Page Six, Kardashian claimed that he made the decision after considering what sort of impact the trial might have on his daughter.

“My love for Dream far outweighs my desire to proceed with my claims against her mother in a public trial,” Rob told the outlet.

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“Now that the court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to warrant a jury trial on my claim for assault, for our daughter’s sake, I am dismissing the action and focusing on my co-parenting relationship with Chyna,” he added.

Of course, Rob claims that he dropped the suit for his daughter’s sake, but Chyna’s lawyer says he made the decision out of fear of being humiliated and exposed as a liar in court.

“Rob Kardashian should have thought of his daughter Dream before he filed his malicious and baseless assault and battery lawsuit against Dream’s mother, Angela White aka Blac Chyna, more than four years ago,” said Chyna’s lawyer Lynne Ciani told Radar Online in response to this week’s news.

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“Rob has sought to use his wealth and power via this vexatious lawsuit to smear Chyna as a mother and even as a human being for more than four years.”

Ciani notes that two of Rob’s witnesses — one of whom allegedly witnessed Chyna pointing a gun at Rob — failed to show up for their scheduled pre-trial depositions.

“This entire time, Chyna has had to live through hell with Rob’s horrific and false accusations hanging over her head. Chyna was finally about to have her day in court … where she was prepared to prove with evidence that Rob’s claim that she physically attacked and assaulted him was a malicious lie,” Ciani said.

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“Instead, Rob dropped his case on the eve of trial, not because he suddenly wanted to drop the case ‘for the sake of his daughter,’ but because he knew his assault and battery accusations against Chyna were false.”

Ciani notes that Chyna was prepared to present a mountain of damaging evidence against her ex, including threatening texts that Rob sent to Blac’s friend Pilot Jones.

“Although she can never get back the peace of mind she deserved these last four years, Chyna will now seek relief from the court to make sure that Rob cannot refile his lawsuit and to make him pay for her substantial litigation costs,” Ciani said.

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Rob and Chyna have fighting over custody of Dream for years, and that matter is far from being resolved.

But it sounds like these two are at least done filing lawsuits against each other for the time being.


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