The idol chatted with his fans using his black hair, we tell you what Hyunjin said during the live broadcast.

2021 has started with numerous jobs for Hyunjin, the idol made a new beginning by coloring his hair again, and a V Live permitted Stray Children fans to admire this change in his look.

Although it has actually been a few days since the kid renewed his image, this live broadcast gave the REMAINS a chance to notice how excellent Hyunjin looks with his black hair, the idol wore a natural look, but keeping his special style and his beauty.

Hyunjin was traveling aboard a van, but decided to put in the time to consult with his fans and give them a dose of energy to take pleasure in the weekend much more.


Stray Kids will be taking part in the Kingdom program quickly, but because it is a competitors, fans asked the idol to attempt not to feel overwhelmed by pressure. Hyunjin acknowledged that he has been a bit stressed out about it, however we understand that he will offer his best on the show.

Reacting to more questions from fans, Hyunjin selected ‘love’ as his favorite word in English, while in regards to beverages he noted that he was really fond of green tea, along with other products that consist of that taste and likewise suggested it as a remedy. to decrease swelling.

The idol recommended Penomeco’s tune No. 5 to his fans, a melody that is a partnership with Crush. He stated goodbye to the fans by blowing a kiss at the cam.


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