Riverdale fans have finally been able to find the very first episode of season 5 on Netflix. The Varchie couple was shattered.

Riverdale is lastly returning to Netflix with the arrival of Season 5. Archie and Veronica have actually ended their story and KJ Apa has opened up about it. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

After more than eight months of lack, Netflix is finally transmitting Season 5 of Riverdale.

In the last episodes of season 4, Archie and Betty got very close. The latter did not be reluctant to kiss each other throughout the musical episode. This outraged the fans who quickly saw completion of the couple between Betty and Jughead however also in between Archie and Veronica.

Jughead went to study beyond Riverdale and Betty felt a bit deserted. So, it’s no wonder she finally got closer to Archie. Particularly because she has always been in love with him. The really first episode of Season 5 ended one of the star couples.

In season 5 on Netflix, Veronica found an extremely gorgeous love song written by Archie. The young woman then believed that her sweetheart was making a beautiful statement of love to her. She was astonished when the teenager exposed to her that the words were not dealt with to her …


Sick of lies, Archie made no effort to lie to Veronica in Riverdale. So, he admitted to her at the prom that the music was for Betty. The young woman was speechless and heartbroken in this really first episode on Netflix. So, the 2 characters ended their story and it pissed off fans a bit.

Undoubtedly, numerous fans wonder why Archie didn’t lie to Veronica on the Netflix series. Archie didn’t want to injure Veronica more and live a lie.

” Archie is mainly a person who tells the truth to those he enjoys and I think he’s actually not on leading when he’s feeling guilty.

But then, can our company believe in a future in between Archie and Betty in Riverdale? The actor guarantees that the next episodes will highlight this couple. “I truly seem like his relationship with Betty and their future, what they feel for each other, is something we’re going to explore following the time dive,” he said. admitted.


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