The Netflix streaming platform need to deliver the fourth season of the fictional and suspense series Complete stranger Things to fans, who have actually been waiting anxiously for several months.

Season 4 of Complete Stranger Things is being filmed in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, under stringent security and avoidance procedures, which have made filming a sluggish process. The hope remains that it will appear on screen sometime in 2021.

While awaiting the release of season 4, the interpreter of Joyce Byers in Complete Stranger Things, Winona Ryder, who plays the poor mom of Will and Jonathan Byers in the fiction and suspense series spoke in an interview about the real events that influenced his character.

As lots of fans know, Winona Ryder had a failed relationship with Hollywood star Johnny Depp. The learning obtained by her difficult break with the star, served her to play Joyce Byers in the Netflix series.

Also, the disappearance and murder of a 12- year-old girl that took place during her youth in her hometown is another of the elements of reality that have reinforced the interpretive quality of Ryder, in the character of Stranger Things of she.

In this sense, Ryder confessed that her method of acting is focused on the old-fashioned, that makes her best for her role as Joyce in Complete Stranger Things. This is what she explained during an interview like Time publication:

” I’m kind of old school in my technique to acting. There are some people that they can turn it on and off or utilize these things, but I actually have to go there psychologically.

Let’s remember that in Strabger Things, Joyce Byers is a mother stunned by the disappearance of her child and by her belief that he permanently tries to interact with her in a supernatural way. To enter into the mindset needed for the function, Ryder thought of a missing person case from her youth. She went on to inform the actress to Time:

” I have actually seen firsthand that concrete pain that you can literally feel coming out of your parents’ pores when you lose a child. I think it’s the worst thing you can experience as a parent.


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