On Monday night, Matt James sent home four ladies and decided on the remaining suitors with whom he’ll be going on upcoming home town dates.

He typically conferred during the episode with host Chris Harrison.

Which may have struck some audiences at odd since … wait … didn’t Harrison reveal on Saturday that he’s taking a leave of lack from The Bachelor?

Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison Photo

The brief answer is yes, Harrison did verify this stunning news over the weekend.

However, Season 25 finished shooting many months ago, so he’ll be featured on every installment moving forward– except for the After the Final Rose special.

Harrison felt compelled to step back from the franchise since he garnered a good deal of backlash for his response to some outrageous social networks posts from the past of Rachael Kirkconnell.

After pictures of the strong Season 25 competitor emerged that included her going to a plantation-themed dance, and which also featured her Taste the Confederate Flag, Harrison mostly kept judgment.

Chris Harrison as the Host

He asked folks for “empathy and grace” when it concerned these contrroversial stances and behavior, apparently ignoring the pain they trigger individuals of color.

Harrison made these remarks in an interview with previous Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

So … where does Lindsay base on Harrison’s announncement?

How does she feel about Harrison leaving his long-time platform as host?

Chris Harrison on the Couch

” It was never my objective to see Chris Harrison step aside however it was my objective for others to see and hear this interview,” Lindsay stated on Extra on Monday.

” It is necessary to even more and highlight these discussions.

” The only way to do that is to have these unpleasant conversations so we can comprehend the underlying issues and implicit bigotry that exists within our society.

” When we can find out to acknowledge implicit and unconscious predisposition that history of our environments have taught us, then we can challenge one another to be much better for ourselves but also for this society.”

Chris Harrison on Set

Lindsay has actually long been outspoken about The Bachelor’s diversity issue.

She offered a lukewarm round of applause for the series after it cast Matt James as this season’s lead, however she likewise made it clear that this only acted as a primary step.

Rachel wished to see how the program would tackle the concern of race moving forward.

And it’s safe to state it’s receiving a stopping working grade so far.

Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison

” Let’s not identify, let’s not cancel, but let’s hold individuals accountable for their actions,” added Lindsay to Extra.

” Let’s set the example in this generation so that we don’t repeat the horrific mistakes from the past and so we can merge and be the change that this nation needs to make this society much better for the next generation.”

Amen, right?

Well stated, we think.

Chris Harrison on ABC

Lindsay also thinks Harrison is ideal to leave.

” Like he said, he needs to take time to get educated and on a profound and productive level to use his word,” she stated.

” And I believe he needs to comprehend what was done, what was incorrect, and what he said in that interview, and he needs time.

” He’s stepped away to do that.”

harrison statement

For how long?

Not extremely, is our guess.

Harrison will likely simply skip this year’s After the Last Rose taping and then be front and center again when Katie Thurston takes control of as The Bachelorette.

Lindsay also informed Billy Bush that it’s difficult for her to “totally accept” Harrison’s apology since it came “after the fact.”

Rachel Lindsay Promo Pic

” I’m going to require that time and area and empathy that he referenced to really accept the apology, due to the fact that [Chris wasn’t] apologetic at first,” she described.

” I’m not stating I can’t arrive, it’s just, initially, it’s a little tough for me.”

Lindsay added that Harrison’s comments were an example of implicit bigotry.

” Due to the fact that when you think of racism, you think explicit racism … you think using a white hood, you know? Saying things that are bad or offending,” she described.

” That’s specific bigotry, but then there’s implicit bigotry where you have these unconscious predispositions and stereotypes and mistaken beliefs of particular groups, and that’s what we were seeing because interview.

” I believe it was a minute for people to acknowledge what was being said and to find out and grow from it, which is what we’re seeing happen now with Chris.”

Rachel Lindsay Motives You

On Saturday, in Harrison’s 2nd apology revealing his departure, the host/producer wrote that he has “no one to blame however myself for what I stated and the way I spoke.”

This is what he wrote:

” I am ashamed over how uninformed I was. I was so wrong.

” To the Black neighborhood, to the BIPOC community: I am so sorry. My words were hazardous. I am listening, and I really apologize for my lack of knowledge and any pain it caused you.”

Matt James and Chris Harrison

For the record, meanwhile, Kirkconnell herself has said her previous actions were racist.

” At one point, I didn’t acknowledge how offending and racist my actions were, however that does not excuse them,” she composed just over a week ago online.

” My age or when it happened does not excuse anything.

Rachael Kirkconnell and The Bachelor

Kirkconnell then said sorry “to the communities and people that my actions damaged and upset,” and said that she was “ashamed” of her lack of knowledge and intends to do much better in the future.

And she concluded:

” Racial development and unity are impossible without (white) responsibility, and I are worthy of to be held responsible for my actions.

” I will never grow unless I acknowledge what I have done is wrong.”


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