Pro-Dock 4, SanDisk’s new product that draws attention with its high speed and usability, was showcased. Here are the Pro-Dock 4 features and price.

Western Digital, parent company of popular memory card manufacturer SanDisk, has unveiled its new line of card readers for professionals.

Designed with high performance in mind, this lineup comes with the new Pro-Dock 4 with four new Pro-Readers and fast CFexpress cards.

10Gbps SanDisk Pro-Dock 4 hits the scene

Designed with maximum speed, efficiency and focus, Pro-Dock 4 connects to your Mac or PC via Thunderbolt 3 for transfers up to 10Gbps. In addition, thanks to the new Pro-Reader modules inside, it makes it possible to use up to four modules by changing them.

On the front of the device, there is a headphone jack (it is unknown whether it is TRS or TRRS for headphone/microphone combination), 2 x Type-C and 2 x Type-A USB outputs. When we move to the back, there are points such as DisplayPort output for connecting monitors, RJ45 network interface for internet and Thunderbolt 3 output for connecting other devices.

Each of the four Pro-Reader modules available for Pro-Dock 4 are featured in the photos above. The most popular part of the products is that you do not need to have a dock to use them. Because there is a Type-C USB socket on the back of each, so you can plug the products directly into your computer.

The Pro-Dock 4 has a price tag of US$499. The sales price of modules that can be purchased for the dock or individually is as follows:

  • Multi-card reader $79.99
  • CFast reader $89.99
  • CFexpress reader $ 99
  • RED Mini-Mags reader $199


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