A former Los Angeles legislator was sentenced to 14 months in prison on Monday for obstructing a corruption investigation related to his receiving inappropriate presents, such as cash and the services of female escorts.

One-time City Councilman Mitchell Englander, 50, is scheduled to give up to federal authorities on June 1, when he’ll start serving at least 85 percent of that term, a Department of Justice spokesperson stated.

” I provide no excuses, I own what I did and take responsibility 100 percent,” Englander told U.S. District Court Judge John F. Walter.

” I ask forgiveness to the court, to the FBI, to the neighborhood, my previous constituents, and more notably to my household, my partner, my children.”

Englander had actually represented L.A. City board District 12– covering the San Fernando Valley areas of Granada Hills, Chatsworth and Northridge– from July 2011 till his abrupt resignation at the end of 2018.

At the time he gave up, Englander was the only Republican politician on the 15- member, non-partisan city board. There are presently no registered Republican politicians on the panel.

He pleaded guilty last July to one count of scheming to falsify material truths, coming from the “Casino Loyale” probe that also captured former city board member Jose Huizar and 10 other accuseds. Huizar is expected to stand trial June on a 41- count racketeering indictment. He has pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors said Englander accepted lavish presents for his factor to consider on an effective city preparation committee.

On one journey to Las Vegas, for instance, Englander was provided an envelope with $10,000 cash, $1,000 in chips, $34,000 in bottle service at a club and the services of 2 female escorts– among whom was later instructed to go to his hotel space, prosecutors said.

Judge Walter stated Englander intensified the underlying corruption by trying to cover his tracks.

” Offender’s blockage campaign was computed, substantial in scope and period, and created to deceive private investigators,” Walter said before sentencing.

” He picked to lie and engage in this elaborate and private scheme to hide his lies, making certain that Businessman A would likewise lie throughout his interviews with the FBI in order to coordinate lies.”

Image: David K. Li David K. Li

David K. Li is a breaking news reporter for NBC News.

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