The mayor of Portland, Oregon, pepper-sprayed a guy beyond a dining establishment Sunday night, after the mayor stated the male faced him about mask guidelines and other issues and after that got uncomfortably close, according to an authorities report.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, told cops of the man: “I plainly informed him that he needed to withdraw,” prior to spraying him in the eyes, according to an incident report launched by cops.

Wheeler told cops he was leaving a club at around 8 p.m. when the man, shooting him with a phone, implicated the mayor of not using a mask while sitting in a dining establishment as required by Covid-19 rules, and likewise other concerns.

Wheeler said he told the man he was sitting in a tented location, and that the coronavirus guidelines allow someone to remove their mask when consuming or consuming, according to the authorities report.

The guy, who was not using a mask, followed Wheeler to his automobile and “got within a foot or more of my face while he was videoing me,” the report priced quote Wheeler as stating.

” I ended up being imminently concerned for my personal security, as I had actually recently been physically confronted in a similar circumstance,” the mayor said according to the report. Wheeler likewise said he was afraid of catching Covid-19

A spokesman for the mayor said Wheeler is totally complying with cops. He was with former Portland Mayor Sam Adams at the time, who is noted in the report as a witness.

” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler filed a police report associating with an incident that occurred. The Mayor is complying with the police investigation and encourages others involved to do the very same,” Wheeler’s director of communications Jim Middaugh said in a statement.

The man who was pepper-sprayed has actually not been determined, according to the cops report, and Wheeler said he did not recognize him. The male was described as a middle-aged white man.

Portland has actually been roiled by demonstrations last year, and some required Wheeler’s resignation over his handling of the demonstrations which have at times included violent conflicts.

Wheeler won re-election in November. He beat opposition Sarah Iannarone 46.07% to 40.76%, according to election records. There were likewise write-in prospects.

Earlier this month, the mayor said he was out to supper with a pal when a group yelled profanities at him, and then the group got in the tented location and someone began “swatting” at him, NBC affiliate KGW reported.

The male who Wheeler pepper-spayed Sunday appeared stunned, the mayor informed authorities according to the event report.

” He made a remark like ‘I can’t think you just pepper sprayed me,'” Wheeler is priced estimate in the report as telling authorities.

Wheeler stated he threw a bottle of water to the man as he was leaving so he could wash his eyes, and then left and called his chief of staff. A city main contacted authorities, and Wheeler called police and gave declarations over the phone and in email, according to the report.

Image: Phil helsel Phil Helsel

Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.


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