Monday, September 27, 2021
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Nvidia Says Graphics Card Supply Shortage Will Continue


Nvidia says the graphics card supply shortage will continue. The stock shortage created by the crypto industry still continues. While Nvidia explains that the supply shortage will not be resolved soon, it highlights LHR card models for gamers.

Estimates are being made about the supply shortage of graphics cards caused by cryptocurrencies, until 2023. In its latest earnings releases, Nvidia reported that the stock issue won’t be fixed anytime soon.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang explains that while the supply shortage will continue for the majority of 2022, he says that supply will be limited and the problem is related to demand growth. The company posted an all-time high of $6.5 billion in quarterly earnings, with half of that revenue from players. Stating that millions of PC gamers are dying to switch to the RTX 3000 family, the CEO says that Ampere has made an incredible start and is the best-selling GPU architecture in the company’s history.

LHR card sales account for 80 percent

Emphasizing that 80 percent of the cards are low scratch power (LHR) cards in their statements, the company says that the cards are bought by the players, not the miners. Contrary to Nvidia, which thinks that LHR cards are not suitable for mining, it should not be forgotten that there is a software called NBMiner that can increase the digging power by 70 percent.


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