British High Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday he did no longer watch how there could maybe maybe be a normalization of relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Asked at some level of an interview on LBC Radio whether or no longer Putin could maybe maybe be welcomed support on the arena stage if he were to repent, Johnson said: “Repentance goes to be very difficult for Vladimir Putin now … nothing is very unlikely, I explain, but I appropriate can no longer stay up for the lifetime of me how we can renormalize relations with Putin now.”

Johnson said the arena risked a repeat of 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea.

“The realm usually said, here is appalling. We condemn it, we denounce it – and we did. And we placed on sanctions. Nonetheless on the identical time, we roughly opened negotiations with him about one procedure forward,” LBC quoted him as asserting. “And Putin usually passe that as one procedure of twisting the knife in Ukraine.”

“If the Ukrainians were to enact any roughly address Putin now, the danger is that he would enact precisely the identical thing and so that they comprehend it. So the short respond isn’t any. No renormalization and the U.K. is terribly particular about that.”


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