The members of the J-pop group revealed the songs of their favorite artists that could not be missing from their playlist.

The NiziU singers and rap artists revealed the songs they listen to since prior to they became well-known, what soloists or groups are amongst their favorite tunes? Know the musical tastes of the JYP Entertainment woman group.

NiziU is among the Japanese groups with the most existence in the music industry of their nation, the national and global public received with much love the debut single of the 9 idols called ‘Step and a Step’.

Music is a crucial element in the lives of the artists represented by JYP Entertainment and Sony Music, even before ending up being famous they experienced love for a specific artist.

Amongst the musical tastes of J-pop idols are figures of worldwide stature such as Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, TWICE and Japanese soloists with excellent popularity. We tell you all the information listed below.


In a current dynamic, the interpreters of ‘Baby I’m A Star’ revealed which was the very first album they bought, some of the women revealed their love for American and South Korean singers.

Mako is ELEVEN at heart, the NiziU leader bought TWICE’s ‘Page 2’ album to add to her antiques, Rio got the Japanese kid group EXILE’s album ‘Negai No Tou’, while Maya held her hands the CD ‘Colorful Pop’ by E-Girls.

Riku is a huge fan of American star Taylor Swift, among the most powerful female vocalists of perpetuity, the NiziU member purchased the album ‘RED’. The very first album of Ayaka was ‘Yasashisa De Afureru Youni’ Flower.

On the other hand, Mayuka is a girl who enjoys animated series and the very first album she got was the soundtrack of the anime ‘Inazuma Eleven’, Rima purchased the album ‘Title’ by Meghan Trainor, a female artist who came to popularity with her song ‘All About That Bass’.

The very first record product Nina bought was from Girl Gaga’s ‘The Fame Beast’, the studio task was incredibly popular and got excellent citations for the tune ‘Bad Romance’. YAY!

Just recently, the ladies from NiziU exposed their main activity schedule for 2021, the group prepares to release their first studio album, dynamics for WithU and even a display.


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