Scientists working on 3D printing technologies have produced micro robots that can be used in cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy, which is one of the most used methods in cancer treatment, brings with it some health problems. Scientists announced that they were able to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to cancer cells through the micro robot they produced with 3D printers.

Although chemotherapy drugs can be used locally, they can cause multiple side effects because they cannot be directed directly to cancer cells. Thanks to the developed technology, cancer patients will be given the optimum level of chemotherapy drugs and possible side effects will be minimized.

Cancer patients can be given chemotherapy drugs with a micro robot

3D printers, which we encounter in the industry, construction and food sectors, have also started to be used actively in the field of health. Micro-robots made of hydrogel material, called biomaterial, can be created in animal form and gain faster mobility.

Micro robot in the form of a crab produced with 3D printers

Micro robots produced with different animal designs such as fish, crabs and butterflies have spaces that can carry drugs. Scientists who developed a collapsible system for drugs used iron oxide nanoparticles to make microrobots magnetic.

Stating that they achieved successful results in laboratory tests, the team said, “We were able to deliver the drug consisting of nanoparticles to the target by using magnets. The micro-robots sense the change in pH level in the cell and automatically release it.” used the phrases.

Stating that a treatment method will be developed with swarms of micro robots, the scientists said, “We aim to develop a micro robot that can swim, roll, crawl, walk, wriggle and somersault in our body to inject drugs directly.” said.

Microrobots are not yet fit to swim in our veins. Stating that micro-robots should be made smaller, the team announced that they started working to monitor the movements in the body.

Scientists who published a video about the study on YouTube stated that the details of the study were published in the ACS Nano magazine. It is said that the developed technology will be used as a treatment method in many areas, especially in cancer treatment.


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