Netflix continues to enhance its streaming platform on mobile phones. Recently, the business began launching the brand-new xHE-AAC codec for smartphones and tablets running Android 9.0 or greater.

The novelty guarantees to bring “studio audio” to the platform, as it manages to optimize quality depending on the internet connection used for streaming. The codec also guarantees to fix an extremely common issue when consuming material: the difference in volume between the noise of the voices and the sound effects.

According to Netflix, in addition to enhancing sound quality, the innovation recognizes sound levels more deeply and ensures a much better balance when seeing movies and series.

Noise balance

In its blog site, the company discusses that each production winds up prioritizing particular parts of the audio in the sound mix. In the case of action movies, for example, special effects are typically louder than discussions, while drama series and soap operas have more popular lines.

The distinction in sound between the productions typically troubles users when taking in different material in series, according to the company. To hear the dialogues of an action film after watching a soap opera, it is essential to increase the volume, however without exaggerating, as the surges are rather loud.

Utilizing volume control and range compression (DRC) strategies, Netflix’s new codec is able to automatically stabilize audio levels to enhance playback on mobile phones. Therefore, all discussions are reproduced in the exact same decibel range, ensuring a more comfy experience when utilizing streaming on the cellular phone.


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