Russia on Friday said it declared 18 workers of the European Union delegation in the country as persona non grata and must leave the country in what appears to be like to be a retaliatory pass.

“Eighteen staff of the EU Delegation to Russia were declared ‘persona non grata’ and could well must leave the territory of the Russian Federation in the map future,” the Russian Foreign places Ministry said in a statement.

The EU on April 5 declared 19 Russian diplomats personae non grata for “conducting activities contrary to their diplomatic build” and ordered them to pass away host nation Belgium.

The ministry said it summoned Markus Ederer, the EU ambassador to Russia, to give an clarification for him of the retaliatory measures.

The statement said the EU bore duty for the “consistent destruction of the architecture of bilateral dialogue and cooperation” that had taken “a protracted time” to fabricate.

Western international locations have expelled dozens of Russian diplomats amid rising outrage over Moscow’s defense pressure campaign in pro-Western Ukraine, and Russia has said that it goes to reply to all such expulsions.


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