Microwave: Due to the lower prices, many people choose to buy a microwave on Black Friday. Every year, this important kitchen piece appears among the 10 most sought after products by Brazilian consumers.

For those who want to get ready to purchase the appliance on the date full of discounts, the tip is to create a list of favorite items. This is a way to track promotions and thus get the products at really fair prices.

If you’re looking to buy microwaves on Black Friday, we’ve separated five model options. Remembering that this year, the event will take place on November 26th.

Electrolux Microwave, 34 Liters, MEO44

The Electrolux MEO44 Microwave is a bench model designed for a family with many people. Made for a practical and functional kitchen, the product has a capacity of 34 liters.

For the preparation of different recipes, the device offers adjustment of 10 power levels. According to the brand, the feature helps to heat the simplest meals, defrost various foods and even bake cakes.

The Black Friday stainless steel microwave is a good purchase option as it brings several extra functions for everyday life. The Easy Cleaner helps to eliminate the appliance’s internal odors and dirt, while the Dia a Dia Menu speeds up the preparation of the most common dishes.

Brastemp Microwave, 32 Liters, BMS45CR

With a modern and elegant design, the Brastemp BMS45CR Microwave is another option that serves large families. The device with LCD display and integrated panel has a capacity of 32 liters.

Easy to use, the Descongelar Menu is one of the highlights of the product. The function brings schedules with exact time and power level for the user to defrost meat, chicken, fish and other foods.

Making the kitchen more practical, this mirrored microwave also has buttons with pre-programmed recipes. So, just one touch on the option of the dish to be made and the appliance carries out the entire process itself.

Philco Microwave, 25 Liters, PME25

The Philco PME25 Microwave is suitable for people who want to add an innovative touch to their kitchen decor. With a capacity of 25 liters, the model is an option for smaller families.

The Unfreeze function works in two different ways, making it possible to choose between the quickest option or by weight. For preparing recipes with just one touch, the appliance has Cook and Kids buttons.

This mirrored microwave even has the smart timer and clock features. By using these options, the person can program in advance the exact time when the model should start preparing a dish.


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