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Microsoft Edge refreshes with performance mode


Microsoft Edge is testing a new performance mode for the internet browser. This new mode is available to some test users in the Microsoft Edge Canary version. However, other users also have the opportunity to manually activate this mode.

The statement made by Microsoft on the subject is as follows: “Performance mode allows you to optimize speed, responsiveness, memory and processor usage. Performance improvements may vary based on your system’s capabilities and browsing habits. ”

How performance mode will change Microsoft Edge is not fully understood at the moment. However, it appears that this mode will affect the Sleeping Tabs feature. When the performance mode is activated, the end time of Sleeping Tabs is limited to 5 minutes. The Sleeping Tabs feature, introduced this year, makes it possible for browser tabs that remain open in the background to free up system resources.

Microsoft Edge seems to be of great benefit to laptop users, especially with its performance mode. The functioning of browsers has a serious impact, especially on battery life. Google has also focused specifically on improving Chrome’s battery drain over the past few months.


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