Microsoft has lots of factor to celebrate its results, at least in its video gaming division, with its products readily available for Xbox. The number of users of the company’s console membership services has grown considerably in current months.

According to figures launched by Satya Nadella, the CEO of the Redmond business, the variety of Xbox Game Pass subscribers already exceeds 18 million this quarter– about 3 million more than in the previous period. In addition, the Xbox Live service also taped good development in its numbers and reached a turning point of 100 million regular monthly active members.

While divulging the numbers relating to the company’s subscription services, Nadella likewise highlighted the launch of Microsoft’s new generation consoles, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, which, according to the executive, were the greatest launches in the business’s console history. As for the stock of the gadgets in shops, the executive president of the company also worried that there will be a lack on the shelves at least until March2021

This boost in the number of customers to both services was revealed after a controversy that included the company in recent days. Last Friday (22) the business revealed a boost in subscription rates for Xbox Live Gold. The values, of course, did not please the company’s customers, who expressed their opposition to the change. In reaction, the Redmond Giant stepped back and decided to reverse the modification.

In addition, as an apology, the business announced that it will no longer be necessary to have an Xbox Live Gold membership to benefit from the free-to-play titles readily available for the console.


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