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Michele Morrone with her boy in front of Peppa Pig!


In the story of his Instagram account, star Michele Morrone appeared in front of the animation Peppa Pig. It is hard to raise kids every day. Actor Michele Morrone, a father of 2 young boys, regrets needing to enjoy Peppa Pig with one of them.

Lasts, lasts the life of a parent! Undoubtedly, actor Michele Morrone is the happy daddy of 2 adorable little kids.

Therefore, both were born from his previous love affair with Rouba Saadeh. With the stylist for the popular brand Elie Saab, he remained four years.

So the former lovebirds, who appear to be on great terms, share custody of the 2 ends of the crop. And right now, it’s the good-looking entertainer of Massimo in the film 365 DNI who is handling it.

While Michele Morrone adores his two sons, he does not delight in all elements of parenting. Namely, needing to enjoy some cartoons.

Yep, among her two young boys is a big fan of the Peppa Pig animation. He might invest hours watching the experiences of this cute pig. To the terrific regret of dad …


Certainly, the character of Peppa Pig has the gift of annoying the 30- year-old Italian comic. Michele Morrone has actually simply shared his exasperation in the story of his Instagram account.

Initially, the one who melts his 77 million social media fans recorded his face in close-up. So we can see his pouting pout.

Then he shot his little boy plunged on the sofa, more than focused in front of his iPad. In order not to miss out on a thing of the Peppa Pig episode, he stuck his head to the screen.

So Michele Morrone seems to be truly fed up with it. The star clearly can not resist his baby young boy’s dreams. For him, when it comes to his brother, he could accept anything …


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