Merkon Concrete Block Machine is a type of machine specially designed for making concrete blocks. It is a combination of a standard concrete mixer and a ready-to-use excavator. Concrete block machines are currently used in many parts of Turkey . There is great interest in Merkon Concrete Block Machines in various sectors such as construction, prefabrication and packaging.

machine includes a large mixing drum and electric drum for mixing the cement with water. The most efficient way to produce these blocks is to use a merkon concrete block machine capable of producing 30 tons per hour, but this is expensively designed and cannot be produced economically in low volumes.

The main purpose of the machine is to give people the power to customize their blocks by adding different types of aggregate materials to the mix before the blocks harden, thereby reducing labor costs by allowing them to make blocks at faster rates than they can do.

How Does Merkon Concrete Block Machine Work

Merkon Concrete block machine is a machine used to make concrete blocks. It is used in the construction industry. The machine compresses and mixes sand, water and cement powder using a pneumatic piston pump, and expels the high-pressure air product at high speed.

A concrete block machine starts by adding water to a mixture of sand and cement powder. It then uses a pneumatic piston pump to squirt water at high pressure . Pneumatic piston pumps compress the mixture from above. This compression creates a swirling motion that stirs the mixture inside the mixer drum with each rotation.

The reason concrete blocks are usually square or rectangular rather than round is due to the difficulties in making circular shapes with this process, because it is difficult to place all the material in a large rotating cylinder without overflowing and creating unwanted pockets between the pieces.

Merkon Concrete Block Machines?

Merkon Concrete Block machines are huge. They allow you to work on your designs in a different way. Now you can focus on the more creative aspects of your design.

Merkon Concrete Block machines allow you to be much more creative while designing the columns and walls of the building. This Merkon Concrete Block machine , which creates unique and error-free concrete blocks thanks to its harmony with geometry, is considered revolutionary for the construction industry.

Merkon Concrete Block Machine Suitable for Your Building Needs ?

Merkon concrete block machine that best suits your needs , you need to start by considering what you want your machine to do. It is important to start today with a Merkon Concrete Block Machine and consider how your construction company will benefit from it.

Merkon Concrete Block machines are used in various sectors such as construction, manufacturing and packaging. Their use, as well as their size, can vary depending on the industry, so it’s important to make sure you request a Merkon Concrete Block machine that suits your building needs before investing .

You can reach the Concrete block machine suitable for your needs from Merkon Machine.


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