Meri Brown has made it very clear of late:

She in her marrriage for the long haul.

Despite having shared an influx of mysterious memes and messages over the past year — all of which seemed to point to major issues with spiritual husband Kody Brown — Meri stated it in no uncertain terms just over a month ago:

She’s committed.

Meri Brown in Yellow

Fans were taken aback by the lengthy post Meri shared in early December about the state of her relationship.

And then they were downright gobsmacked about Meri’s romantic stance after watching a newly-released trailer for Sister Wives Season 10.

Viewers who watched this footage from upcoming episodes witnessed Meri saying of Kody, “I can’t make him love me.”

The seemingly awful and selfish father of 18 later tells a cameraman that “romance and sex are saved for people who are in love,” after appearing hesitant to kiss Meri during a picnic date.

Kody and Meri Brown on a Date

“If Meri and I really wanted to be together, we would,” Kody adds in the preview.

Granted, these new episodes were filmed many months ago and things may have changed since then.

But fans do not comprehend why Meri is sticking with a guy who treats her this way.

They are begging her to leave Kody once and for all.

Meri Brown with Hubby

What does Meri have to say for herself? Why is she still married to a man who continually disparages her in public?

Last Friday, Meri took to her Instagram Story to share a text post that perhaps offered up an explanation of some kind.

It reads:

“Don’t treat people the way they treat you; treat them the way God treats you.”

meri god

The 50-year-old added three yellow arrows pointing at the message to emphasize the sentiment.

So it sounds to this celebrity gossip website as if Meri is trying to rise above here; when Kody goes low, she’s trying to go high, some might say.

It’s not about the terrible ways in which Kody has been treating her, Meri seems to be saying or implying.

Instead, it’s about believing in a higher power and dedicating your life acting in a way that makes Him proud.

Meri Brown Gets Intense

As mentioned above, Meri has been more outspoken of late than ever before about her feelings for Kody, even if they seem unreciprocated.

To the critics, this is what she wrote about seven weeks ago:

I’m human. I have feelings. I make mistakes. I rise when I’ve fallen.

Sometimes it takes longer than other times to rise. I. Will. Always. Rise. I get angry. I feel peace. I feel pain. I feel joy. I forgive. I love. I’m HUMAN.

I’m here. I’m committed. I’m not going anywhere. Don’t get your hopes up.


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