Viewers had a lot to say about this week’s explosive The Real Housewives of New Jersey fight.

A lot went down, including Melissa and Joe Gorga fleeing Jennifer Aydin’s rental house.

Melissa is opening up about how she and Jennifer have never gotten along, even more than viewers have seen.

The truth, she says, is that Jennifer seems so artificial that it’s hard to even see her as a real person. Wow.

Melissa Gorga gets into it (Season 12, Episode 5)

In the wake of this week’s ugly confrontation, Melissa Gorga opened up to Page Six about what went down.

She and Jennifer Aydin have never meshed well, and she can explain exactly why.

“I just don’t speak her language,” Melissa characterized.

Dolores Catania Elaborates to the Camera

“I’ve always struggled with Jennifer,” Melissa acknowledged.

She explained that this is “because I’m fine arguing with someone, but … I never feel like she’s authentic.”

Melissa elaborated: “I feel like she walks in the room and she’s like, ‘Hmm, what should I do today?’”

Melissa Gorga for Season 12

It may sound like Melissa is describing Jennifer as, well, being a reality star, but that’s not quite it.

It’s one thing to remember that cameras are rolling and so to say the thing that’s been on your mind, even if you wouldn’t have said it aloud without incentive.

It’s another thing altogether to make up problems on purpose purely as something to do, as she feels that Jennifer does.

Jennifer Aydin Recalls a Painful Time

Melissa noted that she can exchange arguments and harsh words “all day” with other castmates if need be.

But when it comes to Jennifer, it’s not just that she doesn’t enjoy talking to her.

She just doesn’t really take Jennifer seriously, especially during a conflict.

Melissa Gorga on Finale

“I tend to dismiss her a lot in my head,” Melissa shared.

She explained that she does this “because I never believe what she’s saying is really how she feels.”

Melissa accused: “She’s kind of, like, putting it on a lot.”

Jennifer Aydin for Season 12

Melissa then summarized: “I just don’t read her as an authentic [person].”

That is harsh, even in the world of reality television.

Frankly, many would consider it preferable to be hated by a castmate than to be summarily dismissed as a construct.

Melissa Gorga Overturns a Cheese Platter

As we all saw, Jennifer called Joe Gorga a “little bitch girl” for his involvement in the cast’s social media drama.

Apparently, she resented that he was part of the conversation and decided to challenge his masculinity over it.

The conflict took a physical turn, and Melissa and Joe departed the house, with Jackie Goldschneider and Margaret Josephs following their example.

Joe Gorga on the Finale

“It’s always rough for me with her,” Melissa acknowledged.

She characterized her weary reaction to her castmate’s antics: “I’m just like, ‘Sit down.’”

Of course, Jennifer also had another side to her this season, as her husband’s affair — from a decade ago — came to light and was a hot topic.

Melissa Gorga Looks Upset

“There is a lot that goes on with her this season. …” Melissa noted.

“We get to see a lot of the inside of what’s going on [within the Aydin family] and maybe why she acts the way she does and why she acts up,” she shaed.

Melissa added: “We definitely talk it out a little bit this season.”

Jennifer Aydin Sits with Dolores Catania

“I’ve never seen [Jennifer] cry so much as she did this season,” Melissa observed.

“Where I wouldn’t normally even bother with her, I completely did,” she said, when it came to sympathizing with her enemy.

Melissa even teased: “You will see our relationship evolve this season, finally.”


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