Just a couple of months ago, Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins shared that she was pregnant with baby #3.

For a while, she’s been documenting her life on social media.

She’s shared her pregnancy news, her getting married extremely young, and her journey as a sex worker on OnlyFans.

McKayla is done sharing if it means dealing with the hate. She’s quitting OnlyFans and all social media.

McKayla Adkins is Small

This week, 21-year-old McKayla Adkins announced that she’s stepping back from it all.

She took to Instagram to share and explain this change with her many fans and followers.

“This is gonna be a dramatic post lol & for that I’m sorry…” she began.

McKayla Adkins Picture

“But,” McKayla shared, “I’m leaving instagram & Twitter & tik tok lol.”

“Social media used to be enjoyable,” she expressed.

“I could spend a while on here & actually enjoy it,” McKayla reflected.

McKayla Adkins Car Selfie

“But [not] anymore,” McKayla lamented.

She explained that “people are disrespectful.”

McKayla noted that fans and followers are “demanding, hateful.”

McKayla Adkins IG leaving social media, quitting OnlyFans

“And,” McKayla described, “it’s no longer a space to share my thoughts.”

She continued: “and pictures I just f–king like.”

McKayla went on to explain exactly what has her unable to enjoy social media like she once did.

McKayla Adkins in an Orange Beanie

“I can’t say anything without it being questioned or doubted,” McKayla detailed.

She observed: “I can’t post anything without judgement.”

“It’s horrible,” McKayla characterized.

McKayla Adkins ring

“I’ll be keeping my other website until the end of the year,” McKayla announced.

She revealed: “In January I will be quitting that too.”

That other site, OnlyFans, is sometimes unsafe to mention directly due to Instagram’s appalling puritannical policies.

McKayla Adkins in a Wig

With a heavy heart, McKayla wrote: “I think it’s time to move on from social media.”

She added: “at least for me personally.”

In other words, McKayla is not calling for an end to the concept — just sharing that it’s no longer making her happy.

McKayla Adkins Filtered

“Thank you to everyone who supported me & kept s–t normal,” McKayla expressed.

She continued: “instead of trying to always ‘expose’ and hurt me.”

In other words, this is a problem that she has because she’s famous while on social media.

Adkins, McKayla

“Thank you to the people who tried to keep me positive,” McKayla announced.

She really appreciated the positivity “when I received never ending hate.”

“Thank you for listening when I had something to say,” McKayla noted with sincerety.

McKayla Adkins at Sunset

“Thank you for minding your business,” McKayla wrote.

“And,” she continued, “not pushing me to share anything and everything about my personal life.”

McKayla affirmed: “I appreciate you guys.”

McKayla Adkins Photo

“With that all being said, I am ending my journey on social media 4 years later,” McKayla wrote.

She concluded: “Time for something new, bye!”

We certainly wish her well.

McKayla Adkins Selfie

It does not take much searching to see what McKayla might have meant when she referred to the hate.

Even “fan” pages dedicated to Unexpected were filled with vitriol about her.

Criticisms of her were all over the place. 

McKayla Adkins, Fiance

Some of it questioned her extreme youth coupled with major decisions like becoming a parent and getting married.

In many way, those questions are fair, but rude (and pointlessly so) to direct at her in comments.

Others expressed what can only be characterized as bigotry against sex workers.

McKayla Adkins on Instagram

If we can see all of that by looking for just a few seconds, how much cruelty has McKayla seen herself?

There is a lot of malice on social media.

We truly cannot blame her for wanting, at the very least, a break from it all.


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