When Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition hit the marketplace in 2019, a great deal of expectations were created around possible new content that could increase the “replay” aspect of this great PC classic. For those who liked the original title and managed to check out their remake, I’m sure you were extremely pleased with the work done by Xbox Video Game Studios.

Launched 22 years ago, the original variation was entirely upgraded in the 2019 title. It received all the expansion packs of the excellent classic and the HD version, released in2013 In addition to graphical improvements, it resolved problems of the past, such as gameplay and some mistakes historical. Now stop and tell: if the video game is already thought about one of the very best in the franchise, envision now made with terrific care?

We reached the end of the first month of January 2021 and with it the very first new content to join the title.

It deserves keeping in mind that this analysis will focus on the details of each civilization and my experience with the campaigns. I will leave aside the gameplay and graphics, as nothing has actually been altered in this regard.

Prepare for fight!

The DLC brings unique civilizations for fun. Among them is the Burgundians, which is an Aryan Germanic tribe, originating in Scandinavia and of great geopolitical influence in the 4th century. At the time, they tried to expand their territory, but were almost damaged during an unsuccessful attack. Envision who nearly annihilated them? The Romans appeared from the front and had no pity. Their present descendants reside in regions of Switzerland and France.

In the video game, the Burgundians have 2 unique systems, the Burgundian Courtillier and the Flemish Militia. The very first has a particularity, which is to strike very hard, however it is not so basic, as it requires time to do the damage; due to this, this kind of cavalry may have weak point versus fast opponents, because we are speaking about a video game of the RTS category. The second (Flemish Militia) are the well-known villagers, who receive a reward against cavalry.

The second civilization is well understood to all of us.

In Age of Empires II: Conclusive Edition, they have an unique system called Sergeant Sicilian.

The brand-new civilizations also received unique innovations and group rewards. Among the ones I liked the most was Burgundian Vineyards, by the Burgundians. In a desperate scenario, you can transform all your food to gold. The Flemish Revolution is likewise fascinating, as it turns all villagers into militiamen.


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