When you think about the Duggar household, affairs of the heart and romantic entanglements are probably not the first things that come to mind.

While it’s true that the Relying on clan has been associated with almost every kind of scandal for many years, their courtships and resulting marriages are generally fairly uncomplicated, passion-free affairs.

In fact, it’s been extensively reported that Jim Bob Duggar organizes his kids’ marital relationships like some sort of Arkansan feudal lord.

Claire, Justin, Jim Bob, Michelle

The kids have no say in who they wed, so there’s no drama, just lots and lots of infants.

A minimum of that’s the idea.

However Jim Bob is not supreme ruler of deep space (yet …), so beyond the Duggar family, individuals still have agency and free choice, which implies they can throw a monkey wrench into his finest laid strategies.


And lots of fans are now convinced that that’s precisely what Lauren Caldwell did last year.

If you’re a long time fan of the Duggar clan, then you probably already know that Lauren is the sis of Kendra Caldwell, who’s wed to Joseph Duggar.

But if Jim Bob has his method, Lauren will quickly be a double-sister-in-law to Joe.

Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, Christmas 2020 Selfie

Yes, there are extensive rumors that James Duggar is courting Lauren, however the couple has made no main statement yet … and there might be a good reason why they’re holding off.

Even as the evidence of a James-Lauren courtship continues to install, the rumored lovebirds insist on keeping their relationship on the DL.

What provides?

Kendra With Lauren

Well, just three months ago Lauren, revealed her engagement to Titus Hall.

The 20- year-old appeared thrilled by the news, and judging by their Instagram post on the subject, it seems her parents were just as thrilled.

” We couldn’t be happier for Titus and Lauren,” the household wrote, adding the hashtags “engaged” and “surprise proposition.”

Lauren Caldwell and Titus Hall

The Caldwells, naturally, sign up for the very same evangelical belief system as the Duggars.

It’s a world in which courtships often cause engagements, and engagements CONSTANTLY end in marital relationship.

So fans were definitely floored when Lauren and Titus abruptly broke up.

Lauren Caldwell With Titus Hall

The couple offered no explanation, and it was extensively reported that Lauren disposed Titus for James.

Normally, this sort of thing would be considered unacceptable in their insular, rules-driven world.

However the Duggars consider themselves to be the top of the food chain, the exception to every guideline– and the Caldwells aren’t extremely far listed below them in the Arkansas fundie hierarchy.

James Duggar and Parents

Paul Caldwell is the pastor at the church participated in by the Duggars, and Jim Bob apparently thinks about “Pastor Paul” his closest pal.

The two men were said to be satisfied when Kendra and Joseph got hitched.

It was widely rumored that Kendra and Joe were required into a set up marital relationship.

Joe and Kendra Duggar Family Photo

Whatever the case, insiders state the patriarchs/BFFs instantly started planning a second union in between their many offspring.

James and Lauren– both being close to marrying age at the time– were the very first alternatives that occurred.

Then Lauren had to go and mess the entire thing up by falling in love with some peasant.

Was it Lauren’s decision to break up with Titus, or did Paul and Jim Bob force her into it?

And as soon as she kicked him to the curb, was she forced to right away go into a courtship with James?

We certainly can’t say for specific, but something tells us there’s more to this story …

We’ll continue to provide you with updates as more info becomes available,


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