Laeticia Hallyday has actually remained in paradise considering that she satisfied Jalil Lespert. Is the latter comfy with her? For numerous months now, Laeticia Hallyday has actually adored Jalil Lespert. How does the star feel about this relationship?

In Between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert, love at very first sight was instant. The latter called the lovely blonde who had actually simply broken up with Pascal Balland.

It need to be stated that her job instantly brought in the Boudou lady! Eh yes! Whoever made the documentary on the DSK affair informed him about his strategies to make a biopic on Johnny.

Ultimately, their expert relationship became a romantic relationship. They have actually been acting like teens since.

They do whatever together. They take a trip a lot, they get tattoos, they do a great deal of activity … And they always remember to kiss.

The couple are not concealing on social media networks! They likewise formalized their relationship as quickly as possible. A terrific very first for Laeticia Hallyday who tended to conceal her old story with Pascal.

So how does the star and director experience this too much exposure? This Friday, February 19, Jalil Lespert for that reason confided on her romantic relationship to our coworkers at Parisien Weekend.

He initially exposed that his story with Laeticia Hallyday was not consentaneous. Many individuals have actually cautioned her of her bad objectives. She never ever had a great credibility.

Laeticia Hallyday: Jalil Lespert makes huge discoveries about their couple!


A number of stars have actually even evaluated their love, “some individuals did not be reluctant to recommend that her love resembled opportunism (…)”

” It enabled (the star editor’s note) to ‘place himself well’ to direct the movie about Johnny”. We remember that Laura Smet does not appear to authorize of this relationship either.

She would even put spikes in the star’s wheels in his function movie task on Johnny. All this does not appear to effect Jalil Lespert.

He then confides: “I live all this from a range. I have actually never ever been really comfy with over-media protection. I see it as a battle. “

However then would his story with Laeticia Hallyday make him unpleasant? It should be stated that the mom of Jade and Delight is continuously on the front of the phase … In between the numerous debates and scandals.

Jalil Lespert guarantees, nevertheless: “This attention, I did not provoke it. Do not be amazed either. It becomes part of the video game. “

On the side of his household, everybody appears to authorize of his sweetheart. Beginning with his sibling Ferial: “We have actually never ever seen him so delighted! They like each other like teens! “

Farida, her mom included: “Jalil Lespert and Laeticia truly offer me the impression of having actually gone back to their 18 th birthday”


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