Kody Brown is at it once again, folks.

By which we imply the following:

Kody Brown is when again back to being a selfish jerk face who just thinks of himself, even at the cost of his kids.

Kody Brown Sister Wives Picture

Yes, we’ve written this in the past.

However just because the Sibling Other halves patriarch has provided us plenty of reasons to state it prior to.

The guy enjoys nothing more than to snub his enjoyed ones on significant events, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or anything else of significance.

The current case in point? Daughter Mykelti’s infant shower.

Mykelti Padron Birthday Pic

As you can see above, Christine Brown collected some relatives this week to honor Mykelti and her husband and their approaching child, composing as a picture to some of these family images:

” This is the diaper tree cake I made for @mykeltip and @tonychessnut’s baby shower!

” Her theme was BOOKS!! #reading #babyshower #booktheme #bookbabyshower #momlife #blessed.”

Christine continued to share a series of pictures from the celebration, as her 2 kids Paedon, 22, and Aspyn, 25, were likewise in attendance.

Mykelti and Christine

You understand where we’re going with this?

You know who was NOT at the celebration.

Yup: Kody.

” Why would she not post pic with Kody if he was there? Christine should be really injured if he wasn’t,” composed one curious Reddit user, while another chimed in as follows:

” I ‘d anticipate a daddy to be there if bros and partner are there. Clearly it wasn’t a ladies’ only shower.”

Kody Brown Confessional Photo

Kody’s apparent lack is especially notable at the minute because TLC just came out with a prolonged trailer for Sibling Other halves Season 10.

It includes an extremely unhappy Christine, who complains at one point:

” I freakin’ want to move back to Utah, despite the fact that the girls don’t want to.”

She also says in this preview: “I make certain everybody hates me all the time.”

Christine Brown Says to Calm Down

We doubt that’s actually real.

We can easily picture why Christine may be under this impression, considering how frequently Kody brushes off occasions such as this infant shower.

As another example?

Mykelti, who is anticipating her first child in March, exposed he that Kody not attend his child Ysabel’s’s surgical treatment last year since of Covid.

Kody Brown Sister Wives Photograph

” If he flies out to be with them then he has to do the exact same thing,” Mykelti explained on Facebook.

” He has to quarantine for two weeks before and 2 weeks after, which means he has to go a month without seeing any of the remainder of the family so no he will not be there throughout the surgery.

” However, he can hang out with them after the surgery so instead it is two-and-a-half weeks where he can’t see my mother and my mommy’s kids or it’s a month where he will not have the ability to see anybody.

” So we’re opting for the choice where he won’t be able to see my mother or my mom’s kids for two-and-a-half weeks.”

Kody and Paedon

If this sounds complicated, we agree.

If that likewise seems like yet another reason why plural marital relationship is dumb and sexist and suggests no wife or kid can ever be focused on over the husband, well …

… we concur with that, too.


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