By now, you have actually most likely heard the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting separated.

It’s sad, of course, particularly considering that there are 4 kids included.

However on the intense side, we make sure Kim’s life will be substantially more steady after the divorce is completed.

Kimye on the Red Carpet

When it comes to Kanye … well, that’s a person who will probably benefit from being single for a while. Like, a long while.

Anyway, the scenario makes certain to become worse prior to it improves.

Kim and Kanye have a prenup, but they also have billions in properties to divide, and the small matter of custody and visitation rights for their four kids remains undecided.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West

Likewise, the reality that they’re currently living in different states is unlikely to simplify things.

According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Kim is still in Calabasas with her 4 children, while Kanye has actually spent the previous numerous months holed up in his substance in Wyoming.

The exes interact as required through intermediaries, but have had no in person contact since the early fall of 2020.

Kimye 2020

” Kim and Kanye are doing great living their different lives. They’re communicating little however not as much as one would think,” a source informs the outlet.

Attempting to co-parent while living 1,000 miles apart does not seem extremely easy.

Kim just spent 6 years married to Kanye West, so she’s plainly no stranger to aggravation and difficulty.

Kimye: 6 Years!

” They say whatever they require to state [to each other],” says the source (without specifying if they do so by text, phone, or third party).

” There’s nothing going on in that department. She’s in LA, trying to keep the kids’ lives as regular[as possible] It’s an unfortunate scenario,” the insider includes.

According to the source, after an eventful summer season (which included a governmental campaign for West and a lot of questionable mid-pandemic taking a trip and partying for Kardashian), both parties have been relaxing in current months.

Hello There, Wife

” Kim has remained in Palm Springs today simply to get out of LA and get some privacy. She arrived previously in the week,” states the insider.

Kanye, meanwhile, has actually been laying low at Beast Lake Cattle Ranch, his $14 million, 9,000 square foot substance outside of Cody, Wyoming.

It’s uncertain what the months ahead keep in store for the Kardashian-West family, however those who know Kim and Kanye finest state that regardless of the prenup, they’re not positive about a friendly resolution.

Kimye at the Cher Show

The destruction of the previous power couple’s marriage was an unpleasant and extremely, extremely public affair.

The most recent round of turmoil started in July when Kanye launched a Twitter tirade, in which he accused Kim of unfaithful on him with rapper Meek Mill.

He likewise referred to his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, as a white supremacist and he hurled invective at Kylie Jenner, slamming the 23- year-old for her choice to position for Playboy.

Unwilling to give up on the marriage, Kim flew to Wyoming to try and work things out with Kanye.

She returned shortly thereafter in tears, without her partner by her side.

Now, Kim has lastly taken steps toward lawfully ending her marriage, however it looks as though the procedure will be a slow and difficult one.

Our ideas go out to Kim, Kanye, and their kids during this challenging time.


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