Kim Kardashian is rumored to have had an affair with rapper Drake while still married to Kanye West. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West it’s over. So the Kardashians’ Keeping Up with star is free. And rapper Drake might be interested.

Drake and Kim Kardashian have known each other for a very long time. And since her divorce from Kanye West, Kylie Jenner’s sister has been single.

Indeed, the couple had been floundering for quite a while. And it was in February 2021 that they announced their separation.

Kanye West doesn’t want to hear from his ex-wife at all. So the way is clear for Drake?

Indeed, the “God’s Plan” singer seems very interested in Kim Kardashian. And this is not the first time that the rapper has shown his interest in her.

He’s already hinted at having a relationship with her in his title “Wants and Needs” released in 2021. An affair he allegedly had while she was married to Kanye West.

An informant told the Heat site, “Drake never understood what Kim saw in Kanye. He said for years that he was not the right guy for her and that it would all end in tears. ”

And according to him, the Canadian would have jumped at the opportunity since the announcement of his divorce. He would therefore have sent her messages and asked to see her.

But the pretty brunette isn’t quite ready to embark on a new romance just yet. She is afraid of going too fast and wants to wait until her divorce is over.

Kim Kardashian: Drake says he’s never slept with the bimbo!


All these stories around Kim Kardashian and Drake are just rumors. And the main party never reacted to these statements.

Only his song leaves doubt about this romance. From his latest EP Scary Hours 2, Drake says a bit too much about his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Indeed, you can hear the lines: “Yeah, I should probably get closer to Yeezy, I need Jesus / But as soon as I confess my sins, he is not going to believe us”.

Which suggests that a possible romance took place while the star was still married. What did not fail to react Kanye West who denies the accusations.

He then declares: “The fact that people start rumors suggesting that you slept with my wife and that you are not saying anything.” It doesn’t. ”

And to be sure, the media Gossip of the City contacted Drake. And asked if he would reconnect with Kim Kardashian since the announcement of his divorce. To which he replied “obviously”.

It must be said that this situation is very ambiguous. But Drake plays with this story and leaves room for doubt.


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