Kia introduced its new electric concept vehicle. Kia EV9 attracted attention with its features and performance.

The demand for electric cars continues to increase day by day. While many countries have announced that they will ban internal combustion vehicles by 2035, large automobile companies are also making their production facilities and technologies compatible with new generation technologies.

After many major automakers promised to sell only electric vehicles in Europe by 2030 last month, South Korean auto giant Kia was among the companies that signed this decision. Finally, the company introduced the EV9 SUV concept, which is one of its steps in this direction.

Kia EV9 specifications

The company, which attaches importance to renewable energy, will allow you to charge your vehicle while driving and parking, thanks to the solar panels placed in the center of the hood. Kia EV9 has a stylish appearance thanks to its panoramic glass roof and wide instrument panel. The vehicle has a range of 482 km and fast charging technology that increases the battery from 10 to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

Equipped with smart technologies, the vehicle comes out of sleep mode and opens the doors automatically when approached with the key. Kia EV9, which is a very environmentally friendly model, was made of recycled material and sharp lines were preferred for the exterior of the vehicle. Instead of rear-view mirrors, there are cameras that we are used to seeing lately.

Kia, which has a modern look on the inside, includes a 27-inch touch panel in the EV9 model. In this way, various systems of the vehicle can be controlled from a single center. The seats of the car, which is designed with the concept of sustainability, are completely made of vegan leather.

  • Body Structure: Telluride
  • Length: 493cm
  • Width: 205cm
  • Wheelbase: 309.88 cm
  • Full Charge Range: 482 Km
  • Color Options: Blue (more colors can be added)
  • Steering Type: Pop-up steering pad
  • Front Panel Display: 27 inch touch screen

While the South Korean company hasn’t made a definitive statement about whether the EV9 will go into mass production, it looks set to go on sale given its promise to sell half a million electric cars a year by 2026. Do you like this new concept vehicle of Kia?


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