Back in March of 2020 we heard reports that Kendall Jenner was dating Devin Booker of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

Kendall is not only the most private member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, she’s likewise the one who appears least thinking about severe relationships.

So although lanky pair appeared to enjoy one another’s company, we knew there was a good chance that we might never hear another word about their relationship.


Now, it appears that these two have actually chosen to make a major leap together.

Yes, after nearly a year of dating (roughly 25 years in Covid Time), Kendall and Devin are Instagram official.

Well … sort of, anyhow.

Devin Booker

The couple hasn’t made any sort of official statement, however they’re not concealing the fact that they’re still attaching.

From the beginning of their relationship, Kendall and Devin have actually been flirting with one another in the remarks of their posts.

And now, after a few months of inactivity, it looks as though they’re back at it.

Kendall Jenner Wears a Bikini in 2021

Earlier today, Kendall published the above picture of herself unwinding poolside throughout her current trip in Mexico.

Now, Devin was not able to join her south of the border, since the NBA season remains in full speed, and Covid limitations are absolutely nothing to mess around with.

He wasn’t shy about revealing his fondness for Kendall’s figure.

Devin on IG

Devin shared the pic on his own page and captioned it with the word “Whew” and a sweating emoji.

If that’s not a recommendation, we do not know what is!

Possibly if Devin had actually just written the word “Whew” we would not be so interested, however the guy included a sweating smiley face emoji, too!

Devin Booker

Okay, so it’s not precisely an engagement ring.

( Although their have actually been rumors that Kendall and Devin are headed for marital relationship …)

The truth remains that it serves as proof that these two have actually been dating for at least ten months.

Kendall and Devin

Why do they continue to be so deceptive about their relationship?

Well, for starters, there’s Kendall’s previously mentioned issue for her personal privacy.

She might be a member of the Kar-Jenner clan, but the 25- year-old design does not share her sisters’ enthusiasm for publishing every single element of her life on social media.

Kendall Jenner Is Glad She Made Peace

On top of that, Kendall and Devin might choose to prevent awkward conversations about his romantic past.

Prior to he began hooking up with Kendall, Booker was dating Jordyn Woods, whom you may remember as Kylie Jenner’s ex-best pal.

” Ex” is the operative syllable there, as Jordyn was gotten rid of by the Kard clan after she slept with Tristan Thompson while he was dating Khloe Kardashian.

Tristan and Khloe separated and got back together, but Jordyn remains in exile.

Needless to state, it’s sort of a sensitive topic, and the moment Kendall and Devin formally reveal their relationship, journalism makes sure to take a keener interest in Booker’s past.

So for now, it looks as though these two are content to just continue banging and posting flirty comments to one another.

Who could blame them?


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