The popular NBC series Law & Order: SVU stars actress Kelli Giddish as Detective Amanda Rollins. However did you know that this hasn’t been her only role on the program?

Kelli Giddish’s character Investigator Amanda Rollins joined the SVU team in season 13 in2011 Rollins has adapted to the role of a skilled detective hers, and is a working single mother of 2 daughters named Jessie and Billie.

However, the truth is that the starlet, she has already had an absolutely various role in Law & Order: SVU. In season 8, episode 12, Giddish plays Kara Bawson in “Outsider”.

In the episode, a female named Ming Hao (Tiffany Pao) is sexually attacked.

Kara Bawson, was another of the victims of the rapist in the series, where Investigator Fin, asks what took place.

However, another Giddish appearance on Law & Order: SVU.


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