Vikings is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now and among the most unforgettable characters on the program was Viking maiden Lagertha. Regretfully, Lagertha was eliminated in season 6, however when was Lagertha initially expected to pass away?

Remember that Katheryn Winnick played Lagertha throughout all 6 series, however regretfully, Lagertha fulfilled a heartbreaking death at the hands of among Ragnar’s kids (Travis Fimmel) in the very first part of season 6.

Canadian starlet Katheryn Winnick signed up with the cast of Vikings when the program started in2013 She played the function of Viking maiden Lagertha for more than 70 episodes, leaving the historic drama in the middle of its 6th and last season of Vikings.

In the end, The Seer’s prediction has actually been satisfied and Lagertha was eliminated by among Ragnar’s kids. Lagertha was stabbed to death by a delusional Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø), among Ragnar’s kids.

Hvitserk, who experienced severe trauma and was under the impact of beverage and drugs when he thought that Lagertha’s body on the ground was a snake, which looked like Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen).

As an outcome, he assaulted the snake, however in truth, he was stabbing Lagertha, eventually resulting in a stunning death. Winnick exposed that Lagertha was initially expected to pass away much previously in the series.

” I believed I was going to leave in season 4 when the program ended up being more about Ragnar’s kids, however they persuaded me to stick to the deal to direct an episode,” the starlet stated.

Lagertha passed away in the 6th season of Vikings throughout episode 6 and her funeral occurred in episode 7. In turn, the starlet did not miss out on a chance and she had the chance to go back to direct episode 8, entitled Valhalla Can Wait.

That Vikings episode saw Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) penalize his half-brother Hvitserk for the murder of Lagertha. Hvitserk was prepared to be burned at the stake, however at the last minute, Bjorn altered his mind and eradicated his bro outside the walls of Kattegat.


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