If you’ve been following news of the couple for many years, then you probably know that Kim Kardashian-Kanye West divorce rumors have actually been distributing non-stop considering that the minute the couple exchanged swears.

However this time, it looks as though the couple is really going their different methods.

We understand what Kim has been meeting divorce legal representatives for a number of weeks now, and the current intel on the circumstance indicates that Kanye has done the same and discovered himself an attorney.

Kimye Throwback

” He is talking with divorce lawyers this week,” a source near the couple informs Individuals magazine.

” They are just not on the very same page when it comes to their future as a household,” declares another expert.

” And Kim is okay with it.”

Kim Kardashian with Ye

Yes, far from being devastated by the end of her marriage, Kim is obviously delighted about the start of a brand-new, Kanye-less chapter in her life.

” Kim knows what she wishes to do with her life,” said the insider.

” She wishes to keep residing in L.A., produce the very best life for the kids and concentrate on her work passions.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Throwback

While the nail in the casket might have been the July Twitter tirade in which Kanye implicated Kim of cheating on him with rap artist Meek Mill, it seems the couple has actually been growing apart for rather a long time.

Not surprisingly, West’s presidential project– which was considered a joke by just about everybody except Kanye– was a significant humiliation for Kim.

” Kim has actually become more independent and has lost persistence with his antics, tirades, the presidential project and tweets,” the 2nd source tells People.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reminisce in Black and White

” The love story between Kim and Kanye has been over for a very long time. They loved each other however have a lot of differences.”

So what comes next?

Well, Kim and Kanye have billions in possessions to divide in between them, so even with a prenup there’s a possibility that the divorce might get messy.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Outside

The arrangement entitles Kim to $1 million for each year of the marital relationship, however there’s a possibility that Kanye’s attorneys will press back and argue that it’s ridiculous for a billionaire to get spousal support.

( Kim and Kanye are both a lot more rich than when they got married, however he’s still worth more than she is.)

And after that there’s the question of the couple’s 4 kids.

Kim and the Kids

Kanye has actually spent much of the past year in Wyoming while Kim continued to take care of the kids in SoCal.

In between the extended lack and Kanye’s long, long history of erratic habits, he most likely would not stand much of an opportunity in a custody fight– however if you believe that’ll stop him from attempting, you don’t know Kanye.

” Neither of them wish to seem like the loser in this divorce and they both will combat tough for their kids,” an expert tells UK tabloid The Sun.

The Kanye Stare

” Kim has actually made it clear she wants complete custody so if Kanye tries to fight her on that, the custody fight will be brutal.”

It’s possible that Kanye will argue that he had no option but to live separately from Kim.

” Kim and Kanye had no option but to live apart in the end due to the fact that the interaction between them had actually gotten so downright hazardous,” one source informs Us Weekly.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Better Days

Obviously, Kanye is a billionaire, so he might’ve quickly scooped up a location much better to house and still kept his distance from his better half.

As with all things Yeezy-related, emotions make certain to play a significant role in this fight.

Kim seems to be taking the separation in stride, or a minimum of that’s the impression she’s developing on social networks:

Kim Kardashian Divorce Selfie?

Earlier this week, Kim posted the above selfie during what seemed to be an upbeat early morning in the house.

” Little Bathroom Selfie,” she captioned the picture.

That favorable mindset may be her finest ally as she squares off versus her infamously hot-tempered ex.


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