Justin Bieber returns today for the release of his new album. The artist has unveiled his new music video “Peaches”.

Justin Bieber is back in force with the release of his brand new album. The singer took the opportunity to release his new clip “Peaches”.

Justin Bieber never stops and intends to please his fans. The singer rose to prominence at a young age with his song “Baby”. He struggled to cope with his notoriety and chained bad buzz for several years. After suffering depression, Selena Gomez’s ex took a career break.

After a real descent into hell, the singer seems to have calmed down. He fell madly in love with Hailey Baldwin and the two stars were married in 2018 in complete privacy. The model is always very close to her darling and does everything to support him in hard times.

After overcoming his depression, Justin Bieber found inspiration in the arms of Hailey Baldwin. So it was in 2020 that he made his comeback with his album Changes. This one wanted to be very intimate and the singer even spoke about his old history with Selena Gomez. He hasn’t stopped since.

The artist is back in the spotlight and is in great shape. This Friday, March 19, he released his brand new album “Justice”, one year after “Changes”. In order to promote her new record, the 27-year-old star unveiled her music video “Peaches”. A little preview to put the fans in suspense for his new record.

Justin Bieber unveils colorful music video for his new single “Peaches”!


Justin Bieber intends to make people talk about him. To celebrate as it should be the release of his album “Justice”, he unveiled a new clip. “Peaches” is on his new record and the singer has surrounded himself very well for this new song. He has indeed made a collab with Daniel Caesar and Giveon.

Fans can now discover his brand new music video. Hailey Baldwin’s sweetheart bet on colors as he is found surrounded by several neon lights. A rather nice atmosphere while the singer does not hesitate to walk around town in the middle of the night.

So fans wasted no time in finding out about “Peaches”. In just a few hours, Justin Bieber’s official music video has already surpassed 3 million views. So it’s a big hit for Bieber who still seems to be in fashion. His fans support him and validate his brand new sound.

“I would never have thought of this collab, but I’m not complaining,” a fan said on Youtube. “I’ve been expecting this from Coachella, where Justin met Daniel. It’s finally happened, “wrote another fan. So fans just have to discover the singer’s new album in its entirety. It’s clear that he’s going to get a lot of talk about him again!


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