Inner estimates of spam accounts on Twitter for the final four quarters were “well beneath 5%,” social media platform’s CEO Parag Agrawal tweeted Monday, responding to acquirer Elon Musk’s criticism of the firm’s handling of phony accounts.

Agrawal stated Twitter’s estimate, which has stayed the identical since 2013, can no longer be reproduced externally given the have to make employ of both public and inside of most files to settle whether or no longer an fable is a spam.

Musk, who on Friday stated his $44 billion deal to procure Twitter changed into “temporarily on defend” pending files on spam accounts, responded to Agrawal’s defense of the firm’s methodology with a poop emoji.

“So how scheme advertisers know what they’re getting for their cash? That is classic to the monetary health of Twitter,” Musk wrote.

Following the alternate, Twitter shares on Monday fell beneath phases earlier Musk’s disclosure of a 9.2% stake within the firm in early April. The shares were down 7.7%, at $37.50 a part, in afternoon alternate. That compares to a closing label of $39.31 on April 1, the final trading day before Musk disclosed his stake.

Musk has pledged adjustments to Twitter’s command material moderation practices, railing towards decisions esteem the firm’s ban of faded President Donald Trump as overly aggressive while pledging to crack down on “spam bots” on the platform.

Musk has called for tests of random samples of Twitter customers to name bots, or automated accounts, and stated he has but to see “any” prognosis that presentations spam accounts making up lower than 5% of the user putrid.

Musk stated on Sunday, “there could be some chance it will most likely maybe maybe be over 90% of daily active customers.”

Goal researchers hold estimated that any place from 9% to 15% of the tens of millions of Twitter profiles are automated accounts, or bots.

Twitter doesn’t for the time being require customers to register the employ of their staunch identities, and automated, parody and pseudonymous profiles are expressly authorized on the carrier.

It does ban impersonation and spam, and penalizes accounts when the firm determines their just is to “deceive or manipulate others” by participating in scams, coordinating abuse campaigns or artificially inflating engagement.


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