The youngest BTS member wowed Hoseok with a stunning and artistic birthday present. Jungkook celebrated BTS’s J-Hope’s birthday with a remarkable really reasonable illustration of the idol, the Golden Maknae shocked fans and his bandmate with his creative abilities.

On February 18, Army commemorated the birthday of Hoseok. Through VLive, the idol made a live broadcast, although the platform failed for a while, absolutely nothing prevented the fandom from celebrating another year of the rap artist’s life.

BTS fans arranged various international tasks to offer to J-Hope, even his image adorned several subway lines in Mexico City, one of the most used transports in the Aztec territory.

Fellow Hobi wished to present him something to show their love, commitment, affection and affection for the entertainer and Jungkook discovered the ideal way to commemorate the birthday of his associate.

Jungkook is popular for his multiple skills and talents, one of them is drawing, the minor singer of the K-pop group is able to draw stunning landscapes, make pictures or develop adorable characters.


Through Twitter and Weverse, Jungkook released the illustrations he made of J-Hope, the Golden Maknae took inspiration from the private teasers for the English single ‘Dynamite’, to the work he offered a timeless design in black and white colors.

In the description, the singer of ‘Begin’ wished him delighted birthday to Hoseok, added the hashtag #HobyBdayCongrats and likewise made a funny pun in Korean ‘Seoksam, raccoon, he squid’ is a way of counting the number 3 to 5.


정 녕 그대는

호 시기

석 삼 너구리 오징어 #호비생일ㅊㅋ #JJK pic.twitter.com/chu3uWBb2X

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) February 18, 2021

On Twitter, Jungkook’s drawing to celebrate Hobi built up more than 700 thousand likes in less than 1 hour after its publication, this showed the power and impact that idols have on the Web.

It is not the very first that the Golden Maknae reveals his skill in drawing, a couple of years ago the vocalist offered the rap artist some customized athletic shoe where he recorded all his character with cheerful colors and amusing symbols such as delighted faces, stars and decors.


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