In recent months, many aspects of Mama June Shannon’s life have gotten back on track.

She has a home, she’s back on television, she reunited with family despite a lot of tension.

June has also been working on undoing the physical damage that she did to her body during her downward spiral.

Unfortunately, one of her attempts backfired — and now June is in agony and crying foul.

June Shannon Recoils with Regret

Apparently, a dentist promised to fix the Mama June: Road to Redemption star’s teeth.

In exchange, June would offer him some Instagram publicity.

This is a common gig for reality stars, and one that June has done before.

June Shannon at the Dentist

Unfortunately, this time, it was a catastrophe.

Mama June Shannon says that the Beverly Hills dentist tricked her.

Her legal team has sent a letter to the dentist with June’s complaints and her demands.

Momma June

TMZ got a hold of the letter and spoke to June’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, about the horrifying details of what June has endured.

June flew in according to plans, securing a 12-day stay so that she could undergo the procedure as recommended.

The deal was that she would tag the dentist on Instagram while promoting his work.

June Shannon Singing

In fact, at first, everything seemed to be set up perfectly … until June was actually in the dental chair.

According to the letter filed by her lawyers, the dentist removed June’s temporary dental implants.

Unfortunately, this is when he allegedly tried to change the deal.

June Shannon Does Yoga

The dentist demanded changes “after placing her in a vulnerable (and painful) position.”

Allegedly, he told her that he would not finish the process …

… Well, not unless June agreed to do media appearances to endorse his practice.

June Shannon: A picture

That was not what was agreed upon.

In fact, according to June’s team, it was never even discussed prior to the removal of the dental implants.

Suddenly, June was mid-procedure with exposed parts of her teeth, and being asked to agree to something.

June Shannon Shows Off Her Cute New 'Do

So now June does not have her temporary implants, as they have been removed.

She is now scrambling to find a new dentist who will complete the work.

Right now, sensitive parts of June’s mouth are exposed (you can see the grisly visuals on TMZ) and she is in tremendous pain.

June Shannon Instagram Live

Now, June’s attorney is demanding that the original dentist complete the work as agreed upon.

It’s not an ideal solution, but it would at least be the most expedient.

If not, the dentist will need to pay up $35k to cover June’s travel costs and getting the now urgent procedure from another dentist.

June Shannon Shares Some Good News

At present, both of those options sound like easy outs if the description of what happened is accurate.

If the dentist declines either option, June’s team is threatening that the next step may be a lawsuit.

With a compelling and horrifying story plucked from anyone’s dental nightmares, June could seek that $35k and more.

June Shannon in a Mask

It is horrifying to think of what June is experiencing with multiple partial teeth exposed to the air.

She must be in a considerable amount of pain. She may also be vulnerable to infection.

We hope that this situation is resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.


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