From the moment that Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges last year, fans and critics alike wondered how he could have gotten away with such revolting behavior.

Under the ever-watchful eye of his long suffering wife, Anna, and anyone else he might come in contact with – how could he avoid detection?

After all, this was not the first time that Josh’s sexual depravity had landed him in trouble with the law or threatened his marriage.

Josh Duggar is the Worst

We all recall that Josh had molested five young girls while he was still in his teens, and he had used affair-facilitating websites to try and locate willing cheating partners.

We also know that Anna used the “Covenant Eyes” software program to monitor her husband’s Internet use, but in the end, Josh found a way around her safeguards.

In court, prosecutors described in detail Josh’s methods for avoiding protection.

Joshua Duggar Picture

The state also described the exact location where he downloaded and viewed the most revolting child sexual abuse materials investigators had ever seen.

Now, UK tabloid the Daily Mail has obtained photos of the filthy stand-alone cubicle where Duggar committed the crimes that have now landed him behind bars.

The environment in which this disgusting man committed disgusting acts is, predictably, quite disgusting.

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot

In a free-standing structure located on the used car lot that Josh owned before it was raided by Homeland Security back in 2019, Josh isolated himself from his employees.

In secret, he used an elaborate system that he thought would fool both his wife and the federal government.

In order to side-step Covenant Eyes, Josh installed a Linux partition, setting up a second operating system on the PC in this tiny office.

Picture of Josh Duggar

To make the situation even more nauseating, the desktop on this computer was a photo of Josh and Anna smiling alonside six of their children.

(Anna gave birth to her seventh child last year, after her husband’s arrest.)

Josh’s office was strewn with garbage and every surface seemed to be caked with dirt.

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad

The tiny space could only possibly be inhabited by one person at a time, which might complicate Josh’s appeals process.

Yes, attorneys for Duggar filed a motion requesting an acquittal earlier this week.

That motion will be denied of course, but Josh will continue pushing for a second trial – his lawyers have already made that strategy clear.

Josh Duggar Looks Happy

Josh’s attorneys intend try and pin the crimes on a man named Caleb Williams, who worked with Josh at the car dealership.

They claim that Williams was involved in an elaborate effort to frame Josh. Yes, seriously.

Williams, according to Duggar’s team, was working closely with the federal government to make a case against the former reality star.

Josh Duggar Close Up

Williams, Josh’s attorneys claim, “had access to the car lot and the HP desktop computer during certain relevant time periods.”

Moreover, they assert, “law enforcement had failed to meaningfully investigate the possibility that anyone other than Duggar may have committed the crimes charged.”

Josh’s lawyers argue that Williams might have assisted the government in its investigation so that he could divert attention away from himself by incriminating his boss.

Josh D

They argue that Williams sent numerous “unsolicited” emails to investigators and falsely claimed that he was out of town during the time period in which Josh downloaded the illegal materials.

In Josh’s first trial, the defense attempted to call Williams to the witness stand.

They were thwarted when the judge determined there was no reason to do so.

Anna, Josh Duggar Photo Together

Josh’s attorneys wrote in this week’s filing:

“Requiring Duggar and, by extension, the jury to simply take at face value Williams’ assertions that he was not the one who committed these crimes constitutes an unambiguous violation of Duggar’s Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights.”

So far, no judge is buying it.

Josh and Pregnant Anna Duggar

Obviously, we weren’t there. But let’s be real:

Seeing Josh’s office for the first time – with its digital combination lock on the door and its space for only one person at a time – Duggar’s claim that he was set up becomes even more ridiculous.

His theory seems as far-fetched as ever.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

It doesn’t seem possible that there could have been two people in there at once, or that anyone could have entered the office without Josh’s knowledge.

Of course, Josh will have plenty of time to contemplate these facts, as he spends the next 20 years in a confined space with another man.


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