Jin’s schedule with BTS is usually very tight, but the K-Pop idol does not leave his friends alone and pays special attention to the moments he shares with them, how did the singer show it?

Every ARMY would love to be a friend of one of the members of BTS and learn about the personality of each of these K-Pop idols, however we can learn about some of their traits in friendship thanks to the celebrities with whom they are close.

Jin, for example, has shown to be a great friend of a famous Korean chef named Lee Yeon Bok, who frequently appears on television shows and who has also talked about his friendship with the singer on more than one occasion.

However, although we have already seen some of the gifts that BTS’s Seokjin gave him while visiting him, this time the K-Pop idol showed how dedicated he is when it comes to seeing his friends.


With the popularity of Bangtan Sonyeondan around the world, it is not surprising that idols have many activities on their schedule. Filming, album preparations, concerts, performances, and more are all part of a normal year for the group members, but Jin took it upon himself to prove that he always has time for his friends when they need it.

During a preview of the second season of the show Drink with God, chef Lee Yeon Bok revealed that there have been times where he was really moved by Jin’s actions, such as when one day his grandson kept asking about the idol and he told him. sent a message to ask the BTS member when he would visit him because his grandson wanted to know, what happened next?

The chef revealed that that same day Seokjin visited them after giving a concert, Lee Yeon Bok knew that there was an idol there right after the show because even his hair still wore the hairstyle he used for the event, but this boy did not think twice times and went there to play with the little one. AWW!


Surely you remember the strawberry incident that happened just a few weeks ago and the chef also talked about it in the preview of the program. He pointed out that one day Jin asked him where he was at the time, but since it was 10 o’clock at night he was already home.

Seokjin told him not to go anywhere and quickly came to visit him to bring him some strawberries that he had bought for him. WOW! This guy seems to be really picky about his friends and it’s great to know that he can enjoy time with them.

On the other hand, we tell you that the boys of BTS will have four concerts in Las Vegas, ticket sales have already taken place and the group has broken new records.


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