Jennifer Aniston fans are squeamish about a quite scary ’90 s David Letterman interview! Video to find at the end!

Shock on the internet! Jennifer Aniston fans find out about an old interview and are more than surprised by David Letterman’s attitude!

Jennifer Aniston has actually been included on our screens for over 30 years! In between Buddies, Along Came Pollyou still Horrible Managers and The Early Morning Show, the star no longer needs to prove her acting skills!

During her profession, the 52- year-old has actually constantly been succeeding! And this, even when others have not! An interview with her on The Late Program with David Letterman then horrified her fans! And for good factor …

Indeed, in 1998, she appeared in The Late Program with David Letterman to promote her movie Object of My Desire! At one point, it entirely derails, leaving Jennifer Aniston visibly really, extremely uncomfortable!

” Forgive me if this is disrespectful, I just want to attempt one thing.

Shaken and horrified, the actress shouts, “What are you doing?!” Lastly removing the lock of hair from her mouth, the host then hands the young woman a handkerchief so that she can dry the lock of her hair loaded with saliva …

Jennifer Aniston: Her fans shocked by David Letterman’s mindset!


Unsurprisingly, after discovering the 23- year-old clip, Jennifer Aniston fans are definitely horrified! They then denounce David Letterman as misogynist, rude and scary! Shock!

However that’s not all! It appears certainly that the treatment undergone by Jennifer Aniston is not a separated case …

In an interview, he advised Madonna to kiss a random male audience member! She then answered him by calling him “fucking ill”! In 2013, he can likewise be seen pressing Lindsay Lohan about her mental health and addiction!

And currently as early as 2004, he had opened his interview with Christina Aguilera by calling her “awfully unique”, then started pestering her about her piercings until she asked him to proceed …

In 2019, David Letterman spoke about his sexist and predatory behaviors of the previous! “I felt awful since who wants to be the man who makes people unpleasant about working where they work?

Did you miss this stunning interview? We let you find it right here:


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