In case you missed it, this past weekend saw a heated back-and-forth between Jenelle Evans and her famously cantankerous mommy, Barbara.

It began when Jenelle claimed that she ‘d gained back custody of Jace, her 11- year-old kid who has actually been raised by Barbara given that infancy.

Quickly thereafter, Barbara pressed back against those claims and informed TMZ that Jenelle does not have custody of Jace.

Jenelle and Barbara Selfie

Now, most of the time, when it’s Jenelle’s word versus someone else’s, you can securely side with the other person

However when it’s Jenelle vs, Babs, you have a circumstance in which both parties are pathological phonies.

It can be tough to inform who’s telling the fact (or something close to it), and who’s entirely full of it, as normal.

Jenelle Plus Barbara

Thankfully, The Ashley– of The Ashley’s Reality Roundup fame– been delivering exclusives to help us sort through the BS and get to the fact.

Let’s start with the video that started everything– Jenelle’s TikTok, in which she dropped the bombshell discovery that Jace is back on The Land after investing his whole life living with Barb.

Jenelle and Babs Chillin'

” Jace simply came to deal with us, you people. I know, it’s interesting news,” Evans told her followers.

Babs pushed back versus this claim, informing TMZ that Jenelle does not have custody.

And while she wasn’t entirely lying– it ends up Jenelle and Barbara are presently splitting custody– the senior Evans wasn’t precisely telling the truth, either.

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son

Yes, think it or not, Jenelle is being more genuine than Babs this time.

Of course, she wasn’t instantly upcoming about the factor that Jace is living with her.

” His behavior wasn’t the best at my mama’s home,” Jenelle stated.

Jenelle With Jace on Snapchat

” So we offered him many numerous possibilities and told him he better behave,” she continued.

” My mother just got fed up, she called me and stated ‘yup that’s it, he’s misbehaving once again, I do not know how he’s gon na do his school work and pass if he keeps it up.’ Jace does half online school, half not.”

Jenelle feels that individuals who are following the story at house might have gotten a very different impression, based on Barbara’s comments to the media.

Jace, Ensley, and Kaiser

” Now my mom calls me to tell me she informed TMZ, ‘No, no, no, Jenelle doesn’t have complete custody,'” Jenelle stated.

” To start with, we have custody. We have split custody … me and my mama have actually split custody up until we litigate and change the documents. Right now, Jace is living full-time with me.

Now, Jenelle knows what people will think when she states things like “Jace is living here” or “I have custody of Jace.”

Celebrating Jace

She said those things anyhow to develop the false impression that she’s super-mom, and Barbara was screwing up so severely that she needed to action in.

To her credit, Jenelle later confessed that Jace had to leave Babs’ house due to behavioral issues.

” And this is since of his behavior; my mommy can’t handle it any longer,” Jenelle stated.

Babs and Jace

” She didn’t wish to inform TMZ the reality, and I comprehend that. I’m simply saying extremely bluntly, we’re not going to explain, but, yes, Jace knows that I’m publishing this and we discussed it,” she continued.

” And he said, ‘That’s fine if you inform individuals that simply, please, do not go into detail.’ And I appreciate that.”

So it appears that Jenelle is getting along with Jace at the minute– but Barbara? Not a lot.

” Also, simply wished to explain, did my mom ask me if it’s OK if she spoke with TMZ? No,” Jenelle stated.

” Did she give me a direct that TMZ was calling her and she was going to perhaps talk to them? No. I’m very upset about this. I feel like it puts a big damage in our relationship. My trust just decreased significantly for my mommy.”

And how is Jenelle preparing to resolve this feud? Why in the most mature method possible:

” I might provide her the cold shoulder for a bit,” she stated. “That’s not my fault. Just putting my wall back up.”

Seems like a great way to thank somebody for looking after your kid for 11 years!


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