As we’ve discussed many times in the past, Jenelle Evans is a pathological liar.

Name an aspect of her life, and you can be certain that Jenelle has spread all kinds of BS about it.

Earlier this week, a fan asked Jenelle about her health problems, and the former reality star drew some major criticism for her response.

You see, as with so much of what she says, Jenelle’s comments about her medical issues didn’t seem to be rooted in any sort of truth.

Jenelle Talks to Fans

Now, Evans is being roasted yet again, this time for lying about the other two most sensitive subjects in her life — her financial situation, and her thoughts about being fired from Teen Mom 2.

(As you’re probably aware, it’s a very long list — Jenelle’s life is basically one big sensitive subject.)

Jenelle was fired back in 2018, right around the time that she lost custody of her children.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

Both of those developments were the result of many factors, most of them having to do with Jenelle’s decade of shoddy parenting and abusive behavior.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was an incident in which her husband, David Eason, beat, shot and killed the family dog in front of his children. 

Obviously, that’s not directly Jenelle’s fault, but the fact that she she co-signed that disgusting act and did everything she could to protect David from any consequences did not do her any favors in the eyes of the family court judge.

Jenelle and David Podcasting

Amazingly, Evans has since regained custody of her kids, but she and her husband both remain unemployed.

The fact that neither of them has so much as filled out an application came up again this week thanks to Jenelle’s claims that MTV almost took her back recently.

The conversation centered around a new project in which the network took cast members from all three Teen Mom series and put them together in a hotel for the purpose of undergoing some sort of televised therapy.

Jenelle Has a Podcast

Evans claimed that MTV execs expressed an interest in having her participate in the project, but then abruptly changed their minds without offering an explanation.

“When they invite you to a Teen Mom Special in CA then no response for a month …” she captioned an Instagram pic, adding, “I feeling sh-tty AF” with the hashtags “mental health awareness,” “anxiety,” and “confused.”

Jenelle is seeking sympathy, as she so often does, but her plans backfired when fans encouraged her to reflect on the decisions she made that led to these circumstances.

David Eason Crying

“After losing everything because of your psycho hubby, was it worth it?,” one follower asked on Instagram.

Now, Jenelle is 100 percent incapable of being honest, even with herself.

So rather than admit that she made some wrong turns that led her to lose her cushy, mid-six figure job, she insisted that her life is actually better than ever.

David Eason with Huge Beard

“I didn’t lose anything, my family has found peace,” Evans replied, adding:

“If you knew him, you’d probably like him too.”

Now, these comments are downright bizarre for a number of reasons.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

For one thing, Evans is completely reliant on her meager TikTok income these days, and she JUST admitted that she’s despondent over her lack of career prospects.

Yet, she claims that she’s finally “found peace” as a result of getting sh-tcanned from the only job she’s ever had?

Also, Evans’ continued insistence that David is a likable guy doesn’t appear to be fooling anyone.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

After all, much of the reason that David is so widely hated is all the horrible things that Jenelle has revealed about him over the years.

Remember when Jenelle claimed that David broke her collarbone during a drunken argument?

How about when she told a family court judge that her kids live in constant fear of the guy?

David Eason Gets Serious

These aren’t “he forgets to put the toilet seat down” caliber complaints.

Both Jenelle and MTV spent years establishing David’s monstrous tendencies, and it’s clear to anyone who has followed her story that he’s the reason she’s in such desperate financial straits.

So despite Jenelle’s claims that he’s the most charismatic husband this side of the Mississippi, we’re pretty sure that the “liking David” ship has sailed a long, long time ago.


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