Jenelle Evans has been struggling with mysterious health problems for years now.

Remember that Teen Mom 2 storyline where she went to several different doctors with a long list of symptoms like “I can see molecules” and “I feel like I have spidey senses”?

Jenelle crying again

It’s a miracle she’s managed to survive all this time.

Back then, she ended up going on the show “The Doctors” where she was told that her issues were due to a new birth control pill she’d started, withdrawal from marijuana, and anxiety.

A few issues popped up after that — her esophagus problems, for example.

But last year, another mystery illness began rearing its ugly head, and we’ve been hearing about it in excruciating detail ever since.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead

In the past several months, she’s claimed that she has tumors in her spine, that some days she’s unable to even get out of bed, and that she may be paralyzed soon.

She’s speculated that she has a rare malformation in her brain, or possibly ALS.

She’s gone to her doctor over issues like a mild heat rash after spending all day drinking out in the sun, that’s the kind of stuff we’re talking about here.

Most people believe she’s being dramatic about all of this — or “dramastic,” as she would say — and while it’s definitely believable that she doesn’t feel great a lof of the time, it’s not so easy to believe that she’s as ill as she suggests.

Jenelle Evans Likes Beer

But this week, after all the visits to specialists and all the tears shed for social media, Jenelle announced that she’s finally received a diagnosis:

She’s got fibromyalgia, a condition that causes chronic pain.

In an interview about this diagnosis, she said “Living life every day is challenging, because of having only a little bit of energy to be able to get my work done then to go to bed early due to headaches or body aches.”

On the bright side, she said that getting these answers has helped because “I now know why my body is acting the way it does and it explains a lot.”

Jenelle Evans Sells Clothes

But just a few hours later, she changed her tune pretty drastically in some posts she made on Instagram.

“I’m still so sad,” Jenelle wrote in a text post on her story. “Even tho I have a diagnosis … still doesn’t explain my neck cracking, double vision, and throat pain.”

“I feel so hopeless. Something is def wrong with my neck and it’s severely tight 24/7.”

And the mystery continues.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

“I’m so depressed,” she added. “No one is ever going to help me until my neck breaks I guess.”

You’d think that after all the doctors she’s seen over the last year, she’d be happy to finally have a diagnosis, but it looks like she’s still not convinced.

After that little fit, she asked her followers to share their FeNO score, which is a score that someone receives after a test to check for inflammation in the airways.

She revealed that her score was 6, which she said was “very low.” 

Jenelle Is Drinking

We’re not doctors by any means, but a quick Google says that the average adult score is less than 25, and that if someone scored higher than that, that means that additional tests need to be done to figure out the inflammation — so wouldn’t 6 be a good score?

It sounds like plenty of people told her the same thing, because she also posted a message that read “For those messaging me asking about the ‘normal range,’ normal FeNO score average is 25 mine is 6.”

“Now I’m having blood work again and an in depth breathing test.”

Again, everything we’re seeing says that the normal range is less than 25, not that the average is 25. We’re not sure if Jenelle forgot the trick about the greater than/less than symbols or what, but that makes the most sense.

Jenelle Has a Podcast

She did say that she was instructed to get a spirometer and keep a diary of her results to give to her doctor, and that she also got an inhaler and a new medicine for those pesky esophageal spasms.

She’s still holding onto the possibility of that ALS diagnosis too — someone told her that that horrific disease can be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, and she replied with “Yeah … I’m hoping that’s not what I have … still testing for other stuff.”

So if you were bummed out that Jenelle would give up on her never-ending health crisis after getting a diagnosis, you’re in luck!

Jenelle on Candace Owens

Because it sounds like she will never, ever stop this, no matter what, not ever.


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