The popular The Strolling Dead series has also been applying stringent security procedures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, so actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan exposes a photo of how all the actors on the set are doing.

The Strolling Dead season 11 has yet to start shooting, however most of our favorite characters (alive) will soon be back to work in Georgia.

We’re in a pandemic though, and while the world of The Walking Dead has a completely various and fictional virus to stress over, the cast and crew prepared to guard against COVID-19 while recording the extra episodes of season 10.

For that reason, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan along with the official Twitter account of The Walking Dead, have actually revealed how the cast members are protected with their mouth covers and deal with guards.

Living for these new #TWD bts photos from the perk episodes

— The Walking Dead (@TheWalkingDead) January 28, 2021

But, Dean Morgan, he’s not the only one included in the post. Lauren Cohan is shown with her son on screen using the very same COVID security gear, albeit without disturbing anybody.

The discount video has actually revealed Negan now devoid of his cage, there’s really no informing how Maggie (Lauren cohan) will respond to seeing him. But, without a doubt there will be a fight between the two.


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