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Jeff Bezos’ Lawsuit Against NASA Postponed: Elongation Could Disrupt NASA’s Artemis Program


Jeff Bezos and NASA: The lawsuit filed by Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos against NASA has been delayed once again. Four more days were requested from the court, since the documents of the lawsuit filed on the grounds that SpaceX was passed on to a torpedo could not be prepared yet. The prolongation of the lawsuit could create disruptions to NASA’s Artemis program.

In recent weeks, Jeff Bezos‘ private space travel company Blue Origin has filed a lawsuit against NASA. The reason for the lawsuit was the claim that the tenders for the Artemis program were unfairly awarded to SpaceX. While the case may have already disrupted NASA’s plans, now the case itself has suffered a setback.

Blue Origin’s lawsuit against NASA was delayed again. The reason for the delay was that the attorneys of the US Department of Justice were not yet able to complete the case documents. It was already in question that the case itself could disrupt NASA’s program. Now, with the prolongation of the case itself, the possibility of major disruptions in the plans has arisen.

In the past months, NASA has submitted the tenders it has opened for the Artemis program, which it aims to take people to the Moon since 1972, to the offers of large companies. SpaceX, Blue Origin and Boeing were among the big names that bid for these tenders. Expressing that it will choose two companies for the tender and signing an agreement in this direction, NASA’s selection of SpaceX only confused the situation. Jeff Bezos, who stated that he was wronged on the news that only SpaceX would produce the moon landing gear, applied to the federal court on behalf of his company on the grounds that NASA was considering an illegal and inappropriate offer.

The lawsuit filed by Blue Origin against NASA has been delayed before. Now, due to the fact that the lawyers of the ministry could not gather the case documents yet, extra time was requested. The problem was sorting the pages of the 1700 page file. Four more days were required from the court to properly organize the 1700-page PDF files to be distributed to all concerned. As a result, the case, which was previously postponed for 1 week, was postponed for another 4 days. The protracted process may disrupt NASA’s program for the Artemis mission and may lead to a delay in the dates set for this mission.


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