Apple’s television adjustment of the podcast adjustment of the real-life daytime soap that was WeWork now has some significant talent attached. Jared Leto, the soon-to-be leading vampire of Morbius, and Anne Hathaway, are signing up with the Apple TV Plus series WeCrashed as Adam and Rebekah Neumann, according to The Hollywood Press Reporter

WeCrashed takes its name from the Wondery podcast it’s based upon, detailing the meteoric fluctuate of the property company that billed itself as a technology company. A lot of WeWork’s issues (and, most likely, the plot of the program) were centered on the Neumanns. Adam Neumann was referred to as a threat factor in the S-1 documents launched before the company’s IPO, and a profile of the Neumanns in The Wall Street Journal didn’t do much to discourage anybody that they weren’t completely out of touch. For example, Rebekah Neumann reportedly fired numerous individuals since she “didn’t like their energy,” and Adam Neumann obviously had plans to end up being “president of the world.”

In numerous methods, Hathaway and Leto might be ideal for the roles. Each actor has played eccentric one-percenters in the past. Leto took a more ominous turn as a wealthy replicant designer in Blade Runner 2049, and Hathaway had a great deal of fun in Ocean’s 8 as a movie star at the center of a diamond heist.

There’s no set release date for WeCrashed, however there are plenty of other in-development jobs mining tech industry drama. If a gangly take on WeWork seems more your speed, Succession‘s Nicholas Braun is playing Adam Neumann in another variation of the story. And if you prefer your scandals to be blood-oriented, Kate McKinnon is lined up to play Elizabeth Holmes in a retelling of Theranos’ sophisticated fraud.


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