Microsoft is preparing to completely cut support for Windows 7, the legendary operating system of a period. Here are the details…

With the release of Windows 11, older operating systems are starting to expire. As new software is released, the company cuts support for old ones. Now, the end of Windows 7 is slowly approaching. Microsoft and Google are adjusting their calendars to cut support for the veteran operating system. Microsoft is also removing support for the ESU after other recently announced cuts. When will support for Windows 7 end? Here are the details…

Microsoft is discontinuing Windows 7 ESU support

It was also recently announced by the company that OneDrive support will be discontinued for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 operating systems. After OneDrive support, which will be removed on March 1, 2022, Microsoft ESU support will also withdraw from Windows 7, so to speak. With this second blow, the operating system seems to become a system that many users will no longer prefer.

Some versions of Windows 7 still receive Microsoft support. These editions are known as Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems, which still benefit from the Extended Security Update (ESU) Program. The end date of ESU support, which will be discontinued on January 10, 2023, has been determined by Google and Microsoft. Companies are determined to stick to the plan on their calendars.

Google is also considering a close date with Microsoft about removing support for Chrome. Win 7 users can use the Chrome browser on their systems until January 15, 2023. Previously, this date was set as July 2021. Later, the company announced that it would be flexible and offer support until at least January 15, 2022. Now, Microsoft has decided to cut its support on the same date as ESU support.

You may be thinking that its use is rather infrequent and that almost no one uses Win 7 anymore. But looking at the September data of 2021, 10 percent of Steam users were using this operating system. This news about the veteran operating system, which is used more than estimates, will upset its users.

If you are still using Windows 7, what do you think about Microsoft and Google cutting their support? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.


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