At the end of Lupine, Assane’s boy, Raoul, is abducted by one of Mr. Pellegrini’s guys. The functions have been reversed and Assane is now one action behind, which implies Assane most likely won’t be able to trust his tested approaches.

Pellegrini is likely to hold Raoul hostage up until Assane returns the pendant, but it is unclear what other motives Pellegrini might have in the second Lupine installment.

At this moment in the Lupine series, it seems safe to state that Assane wouldn’t risk losing his child for absolutely nothing, so it’s hard to think of Assane attempting to cheat on Pellegrini and put his kid at risk.

Assane may even team up with Investigator Guedira to rescue Raoul, which would also be a big departure from Lupine season 1, but would be in line with the Arsène Lupine books.

Lupine season 2 has actually been validated, but information of the plot and the exact release date are yet to come. While Lupine season 1 revealed Assane easily outsmarting and beating anyone he encountered.

The stakes now are extremely high and exceptionally psychological. The next Lupine installment will certainly bring its own twists and turns, however Assane’s entire world has actually been turned upside down and the Burglar Knight will need to adjust his capabilities.


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